Reliving Painful Events - Incorporated
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Ben has a nightmare about killing Roger.

Laura Flashback to 8 years ago. Laura is in the Red Zone with friends. 

Laura meets a Red Zone man and dances.

The man takes her outside and tasers her. kidnapping her.

The man takes her to a house and holds her hostage.

Julian requests a transfer from Milwaukee to Sioux Falls. The corporation is suspicious.

The kidnappers demand a ransom. Elizabeth refuses.

Elizabeth wants Julian to rescue Laura on his own before the Spiga tactical team finds her.

The kidnappers cut Laura's ear off.

Laura talks to one of the kidnappers, learning about their life.

The kidnappers learn Laura's true identity.

The kidnappers threaten to sell Laura to Inazagi. Elizabeth pays the ransom.

Julian uses a drone to find where Laura is.

THE Spiga team finds Laura as well.

Laura escapes her bonds and kills one of the kidnappers.

Julian rescues Laura.

Laura confronts Elizabeth about her dad's death, which was also a kidnapping. Laura blames her mother for not saving her dad.

Julian demands a transfer in exchange for saving Laura. Elizabeth refuses, telling Julian he is the only one at Spiga she trusts. 

Present day-Laura goes to the red Zone to save the Red Zone Girl.



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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chief Conner: You're one of the best interrogators I've ever seen, but there's no quiet room in Sioux Falls is there? It would be a waste of your talents, don't you think?
Julian: I have other talents.
Chief Conner: What we do in this room, Julian is bloody, thankless, but we do it for the good of the company.
Julian: All due respect sir, but I think I've done enough.

You're safe-no one's going to hurt you. I'm Julian. You're mother sent me to bring you home. We have to move quickly-let's go.