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As Liv is cleaning at Major and Ravi's house, the FBI show up with Clive to search the house. They find all the evidence they need against Major, as Liv pleads with Clive. Ravi is also arrested.

At the station, Ravi and Major are questioned. Max Rager sends a wordy lawyer to help Major.

Liv goes to the jail to confront Major about Drake and Major tells her he is hungry. Ravi tells Peyton and Liv that Major is the Chaos Killer.

Back at the jail, Bozzio and Clive continue to question Major while Liv goes to Blaine for a brain to give Major. Don E. gives her a hard time. 

Ravi, Peyton and Liv decide that the best way to get Major out of jail is to unfreeze one of his zombie victims. Ravi goes to the jail and gets the location from Major.  

Liv and Ravi go to the storage locker but the freezers are empty. 

The Max Rager CEO is working on a deal with a private military contractor and needs to make the Chaos Killer mess go away. 

As Clive and Bozzio continue to interview witnesses, the arms dealer that sold Major the guns used in the Meat Cute murders comes forward. 

Blaine is able to sneak Liv a brain. Major is released. As Liv walks Major to the car where Ravi waits with a brain shake, Clive arrests Major for the Meat Cute murders. 

Clive's case against Major for the Meat Cute case is solid and he warns Liv that she will have to depose soon, Major tells her to give him the cure to wipe his memory because he can't control his zombie hunger any longer. 

Liv makes brain granola bars but the attorney eats it and gives Major a different one. Liv goes to Clive to tell him that Major is a zombie and so is she. He doesn't believe her, so she stabs herself to prove it. 

Clive has the cases dismissed and Bozzio is upset when he won't explain why. 

Janko goes to the morgue to get tranquilize Liv and take her. Ravi intervenes and in the scuffle, Ravi kills him. Liv eats his brain and has a vision of the frozen zombies in the basement of Max Rager. 



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iZombie Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Relax, sit tight and most importantly, shut your mouth.

Brant Stone

Brooding expressions don't show up on tape. Use your words.