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Liv and Major eat more of Janko's brain in order to find out more about Max Rager's operation. 

Peyton is crushed to find out that the Mr. Boss Task Force has been shut down. Mr. Boss sends his men to kill Chief and Don E. 

Peyton and Ravi hook-up again and Liv and Major walk in. 

Mr. Boss' men kill Chief and Don E. pleads for his life. The men see a very alive Blaine and report pack to Mr. Boss. 

Major, Ravi and Liv work up a plan to get into the Max Rager party to free the freezer zombies. Clive tries to keep an open mind but can't help them. 

Drake is doing his best to keep the now thawed freezer zombies calm as they are being taken away for testing. They are trying to find the cure so that they can fix Rita. Drake volunteers to be next for the cure testing. 

Major and Liv are at the party at Max Rager. Clive grows restless and goes down to the party. 

Blaine goes to Peyton and Liv's apartment to hide out. Ravi and Peyton argue over letting him stay there. Mr. Boss' men knock Ravi out and take Peyton until they can give them Blaine. 

Vaughn introduces Rob Thomas at his party and sees Clive in the crowd. 

Clive looks for Major and Liv at the party and finds them. The scientists at the party take the tainted utopium and drink the Super Max turning them into full on zombies. 

The new zombies go crazy on the guards that Vaughn brings to take Clive. The zombies kills everyone at the party. 

Major, Liv and Clive are trapped in a room with zombies trying to break in. Liv suggests that she turn him. 

Blaine wakes Ravi up at the apartment and Ravi fills Blaine in on what happened. Ravi and Blaine go to Mr. Boss' to free Peyton. 

The new owner of Max Rager saves Major, Liv and Clive. They go to the basement and Rita helps them gain access to the other zombies. Vaughn traps Clive and Liv in the back with them and they see that Drake has been turned all the way. 

Liv shoots Drake when Vaughn opens the doors, unleashing the zombies. Major and Rita confront Vaughn. Vaughn is eaten by the zombies and Rita eats her father's brain. She lunges at Liv and Clive and Major shoots her.

Liv walks out to see that the private military group that bought Max Rager is really a group of militant zombies. They ask Liv to join them.  


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Clive: Major?
Random Waiter: Art History. That's why I'm doing this.

Ravi: So, you plan on Weekend at Bernie's-ing a dead Janko down the halls of Max Rager?
Major: Of course not.
Liv: We'll just take his hand.