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At the college, a young candidate argues on the radio about the student politics. She is later found dead in the pool. 

Major wakes up a zombie. Ravi and Major talk about the fact that he is the Chaos Killer. Major tells him about Max Rager and the freezer. They discuss the possible cure over a brain smoothie. Liv learns that Major is a zombie. 

Don E. is a zombie now and running the brain delivery business and drug business while a memory-less Blaine handles the funeral home business. 

The police call Ravi and Liv in when they find the drowned girl. Liv eats her brain and experiences her type-A personality. Clive and Liv go to the college to investigate.

Max Rager reveals their new commercial and we see that Rite is a zombie now. 

Liv talks to Drake's boss in Vice, Lou and discuss Drake's disappearance. Liv shares her news about Drake with Clive at the college campus. A student approaches and says that Lou killed Bailey, the victim. 

Don E. is running the drug business and sends Blaine away. Peyton confronts Blaine about her case but he doesn't remember. 

Lou stops over to talk to Liv about the case. He tells her that Bailey was working for him and asks her to keep it from Clive. She agrees. 

Blaine wanders into the police station. Ravi gives him an exam and tells him all of the horrible things that he has done. 

Liv has a vision of the snack counter worker being a drug dealer. Lou goes to visit him and Chief is there. Lou threatens to lock the kid up and Chief knocks Lou out. 

A woman goes into the police station to tell Bozzio that she saw Minor with Major at the pet groomers. Bozzio arrests Major. 



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iZombie Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I have some hair to dye and some skin to spray tan! Carpe diem!


Blaine: What is it you down here?
Don E.: That's downstairs business. You just concern yourself with upstairs business. Division of labor Master B. That's how productivity happens.