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Blaine has just taken the untested cure and is sleeping in his office. Blaine isn't dead but is a little off. 

New zombie, Rita searches Liv's freezer for leftover brains when she is knocked out and taken by her father's body guard, leaving behind her scarf. 

Peyton moves back in. She gets a call from a potential witness in her Mr. Boss take down but the girl is killed while talking to Peyton. 

The murder is an easy solve but Peyton still asks Liv to eat the stripper's brain so she can get the info for her case against Mr. Boss. Peyton begins to grill Liv immediately. 

Liv and Peyton head to the strip club in hopes of triggering a vision. They ran into stripper to one of the victim's regulars, the local weather man. 

Ravi sees an article in the paper about the Chaos Killer. He questions Major about the dog in the photo. It's Minor. 

A vice cop questions Liv about Drake's disappearance and Clive asks Liv to go back to the strip club. They find the murder vehicle. 

Ravi drops off a death certificate and Bozzio questions him about the photo of Major with Blaine in the cabin. Ravi denies knowing who is the photo but is clearly onto something. 

Clive links the murder to Johnny Frost, the local weatherman who was a regular client of the dead stripper. 

Blaine's guy takes him to Ravi for his increased memory loss. He remembers nothing.

Liv and Clive track down the murderers. 

Ravi breaks into Major's safe and discovers that he is he Chaos Killer. 

Blaine is still unable to remember anything and his men decide to jump back into the crime game. 

Liv goes to Drake's mother's house and she is upset about her missing son. Liv goes inside and they look at pictures. Liv sees that he is a cop. 

Ravi confronts Major about him being the Chaos Killer and things get heated just as Major turns back into a zombie and Ravi knocks him out. 


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

If I had known you'd be dropping by I would of worn my less bloody lab coat.


We should really change the locks by the way.