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Major and Justin return from the fire. Liv tells Justin that she slept with Chase and blames it on Kattys brain, but Justin doesn't buy it and doesn't forgive her. Major meets with Chase and wants his spot back on the zombie army. Chase refuses. Major asks to be scratched. Chase tells major that if he wants to be a zombie he has to pick his side, major says be knows what side he's on no questions asked. Liv and Clive figure out that Katty was looming into the spread of the Aleutian flut that happened on the plane. Golds daughter brought Chases dog from Paris, and the dog carried the flu, infecting everyone. Clive and Liv go to Chases house to investigate, but they get caught. He tells them he had nothing to do with It. It turned out that Gold was the one who used the dog she bought Chase to spread the virus. Gold wanted to infect humans and kill them off so that the zombies had more brains to eat because they were rationed and running out. She had Vivian killed, and Wally killed. Her daughter caught Katty spying on them and when Katty saw them eating brain, Golds daughter killed her. Tanner got caught at the border doing illegal activity. Dale catches him and calls Clive. He tells her about zombies and hits Tanner to get him to rage out so she can see. It brings them together. A vaccination is offers for the Aleutian flu. Liv catches Fillmore graves infecting the vaccination with zombie blood. Justin goes after her. She goes to the news station to tell the newscaster who shares it with everyone else that everyone who has taken the vaccination will become a zombie. Liv told Clive in time but Dale already took it. Later Clive helps Dale tan and dye. Chase tells the city that zombies are real and that many of them will turn. Fillmore graves soldiers including Major head to the hospital to scratch the dying patients who have the flu. Chase says that as long as people keep donating thrir brains after they die, zombies won't attack anyone. The zombie population has increased because they turned so many people. They're holding people hostage so to speak. Blaine is thrilled because they're providing brains to a whole new mass of zombies. Humans don't react well, some of them steak guns and come after zombies but major, Justin, and the army kill them. Ravi tells Liv that he's come up with a zombie cure. He asks her to scratch him because he's going to be the test subject. Liv doesn't want to do it. They tell each other how much they care about each other. She scratches him.
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iZombie Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Justin: Why do I have a feeling my night's not getting any better?
Liv: I slept with Chase Graves.

Liv: We thought you were dead.
Major: Natalie's dead.