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A Fillmore Graves soldier makes fun of a lone zombie starving looking for food. Clive and Liv are on a stakeout looking for Bruce. Liv gets distracted thinking about Tim. Chase orders major and the cadets to find the video footage of Tucker being turned. Tucker goes to meet his friends, but he's not accepted anymore because he's a zombie. His friend gives him a gun and tells him to kill himself. He tries to but he can't. He stumbles upon Angus church and is inspired. Liv keeps trying to set up Clive with Michelle the new cop. She keeps arranging moments for them. Clive tells her to back off. She eventually tells him about Dale kissing another guy. He tells her that they're in an open relationship but he's not happy about it. Liv asks Renegade for help finding Bruce. Renegade tells Liv how she knows so much about her. She was there when renegade identified her husband's body. It's implied that Blaine killed him as a warning when she realized he was killing kids to feed her and other zombies and she was going to do something about it. Blaine gets visions from the brain and finds Renegade. He kidnaps her and takes her to Chase. Major and his cadets track down the video and Tucker and the church. Angus spares him just this once. Ravi pretends to be a rich person in need of Bruce's services. They capture Bruce. The gang head to the club. Liv reunites with Tim but finds out he's a zombie supremacist. Major brings the cadets to the scratching post. They make him eat wrestler brain. They have a dance off.
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iZombie Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Clive: Is that Colin Firth?
Liv: Where? [Clive laughs] you're a secret mean girl!

Zombie: You broke my damn arm!
Russ: I'm from Fillmore Graves, and we don't play.