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Peyton listens to complaints about a zombie bus driver. She finds out he's starvng and arranges for him to get more rations

A French Fillmore Graves Soldier brings four bodies to the morgue. Liv eats the one that belongs to a former semi-professional Canadian hockey player. Liv on hockey brain amuses both Clive and Ravi.

She goes to the hockey ring to interview the other players. She meets Levon, one of the teammates and assumes he's a suspect especially later on when she has a vision.

Major and Don E are on a road trip together with a person in the trunk. Don E stops at a gas station for snacks, and Major finds out later that he raged out on the gas attendant.

They have apparently kidnapped the daughter of General Mills who is threatening to nuke Seattle. She gets ahold of drugs and Major has to turn her before she dies before the smugglers come. The smugglers take them and brains to Blaine.

The soldiers ask Chase about Renegade. He plans on freezing her, but they want an example set. He froze Renegade and she tells him about how he's perceived by the others. She stands by using zombiesm to save people.

Liv has a vision of Blaine killing everyone. Clive brings him in but he's not forthcoming with information.

He reveals that the murder happened at a laundromat, and Liv realizes that Renegade is in danger and likely captured. She confirms it with Levon who is working with Renegade and tells her that Blaine is working with Fillmore Graves.

After the bus driver gets into an accident due to his hunger, attacks injured passengers, and is killed by one passenger, CHase is pressured to kill Renegade.

He holds a public execution which Peyton tells Liv about. Liv tries to get Major to stop it but he doesn't hear her or listen. Renegade is killed. Liv approaches Levon about taking over Renegade's operation.

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