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After her fall at the hotel, Jane and Xio are by Alba's bedside while she is in a coma. Jane wants to use Alba's rosary, but notices that it was left behind and goes back to the Marabelle to find it. Once she does, she gets stuck because of a hurricane about to hit.

Michael and Nadine, his partner, go down to the secret compartment they discovered in Sin Rostro's room. When they get through the lock of the cellar they find a medical OR, but don't know what it is used for.

Rafael asks his father to give him responsibility of the hotel before he leaves. His father agrees, but also asks him to help with hotel layoffs. 

Petra signs the divorce papers for Rafael, but wants her prenuptial money. She explains her problems, but Rafael won't agree to it because of the lies.

Before her husband, Emilio, leaves, Rose overhears him secretly talk about money and lies to her about it. 

Michael thinks that Rafael is connected to Sin Rostro. He interrogates him at the hotel in front of Jane, who has small concerns. 

Jane's friends pressure her about the layoffs. When Jane doesn't ask Rafael about them, her friends get mad because of her special treatment. Jane finally has time to confront Rafael about the layoffs and sees one of her friends on the list. Jane tells her friend about potentially being fired. 

Petra tries to have a plan to leave behind the hotel. Her mother doesn't want her to cave and they have to figure out what to do about Ivan. A glass door breaks and Ivan sees an opening to leave. When Petra returns, Ivan gets free in the hotel.

Rogelio shows up at the hospital to be there for Xo. The doctor says that because Alba is an illegal immigrant she cannot stay in the U.S. to receive treatment and will be deported. 

Michael and Jane have an awkward run in in the elevator. He tries to convince her that Rafael is connected to Sin Rostro. They get locked in the elevator. Later, Jane tells Michael about her abuela and,  thanks to him,  Xo is able to tell Jane about Alba's paper issue. 

Rose visits Luisa at the mental hospital. Rose wants her forgiveness, but Luisa won't give it. Luisa forgives Rose and they makeup in Luisa's room. Rose gets information about her husband when she overheard him on the phone.

Jane continues to pray and she bonds with Michael. As he comforts Jane, the elevator opens with Rafael on the other side. 

Xo prays for Alba to get better and after she promises to be better, Alba wakes up. Later, Alba's paper issue goes away, but it wasn't Rogelio's doing. 

Michael realizes that plastic surgery is being performed in the hotel on criminals, including Sin Rostro, who has now gotten away.

Luisa finds a way to escape. When Rose returns, she confronts Rafael about his father fleeing the country. She believes he could be Sin Rostro.

Michael helps Alba stay in the country. When Xo calls him, she knows Michael still loves Jane and he believes they are meant to be together until his last breath.

Jane the Virgin
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