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At birthing class, Rafael gets distracted by work, causing concern for Jane.

Xo is prepping for Rogelio's mother's arrival to make up for her mistake. Jane finally meets Rogelio's mom, who is excited to meet her. However, she remains passive aggressive to Xo. Jane wants to get her mother and new grandmother to get along, even if Xo can't find a reason to.

Jane decides to talk to Andie about her fears about Rafael. Andie tells Jane to ignore the feelings because of her hormones and she tries to, even when Rafael cancels on Easter festivities. 

At work, Jane meets a customer who is very rude. She ends up being the city commissioner who Rafael was supposed to meet. When she discovers Jane's connection to Rafael, she cancels on the meeting. Eventually, the commissioner agrees to have meet with Rafael calls to invite Jane to Easter lunch with her, but must cancel on her family.

Petra continues to question Aaron's identity, but Rafael shoots down her theories.

Alba is flirting with a man from her gym, Xo and Jane push to Alba to ask him out. Jane also discovers that the man Alba has a crush on is a priest. Alba discovers that Edward is a priest after she asks him out. 

Petra wants proof that Aaron is Roman. She sneaks into his room for evidence. She calls Michael for help on the case.Jane runs into Michael at the hotel and discovers that Andie is Michael's ex-girlfriend.

At Easter mass, Rafael tells Jane that a PI found information on his mother. Rafael contacted her, but is now waiting on a reply.

Xo realizes that Rogelio told his mother that he didn't know about her pregnancy and that is why she holds a grudge against Xo. Jane tries to make amends with the city commissioner, but she won't have it.

Michael promises to investigate the Aaron Zazo question that Petra has. Michael shows up to investigate Aaron and runs into Jane. Before she can tell him about Andie, he reveals how much fun he had. Michael finds out that Aaron is Roman and Petra is taken away by Roman.

The city commissioner, Alexis, tries to embarrass Jane with her rich friends, but Jane proves she knows her stuff. At the club, Jane overhears Alexis talk about her troubled her marriage. They come to terms with each other. 

Rogelio comes clean with his mother, who becomes very disappointed with Rogelio. Rogelio's mother wants Xo and him to break up because they have not talked about their future.Xo runs into her ex-boyfriend Marco at a bar while depressed about Rogelio. She kisses him, but is immediately guilty.  Rogelio tells Xo he loves her no matter what his mother said. 

Jane gets mad about Rafael's priorities and tries to get him to understand. At home, Jane vents to Alba and Xo, who tell her to give Rafael another chance.

Rafael finally meets his mother when she arrives at the Marbella. Rafael confronts his mother about his life and why she left. She tells him she left after Rafael's father offered her $10 million. 

Rafael realizes that him and Jane are different and wants to break up to focus on being future parents. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

How do I fix it? I could write an apology letter. I write good apology letters.


Rogelio: If only there were a way to capture this moment and freeze it in time.
Xo: Take a picture.