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To prepare for their baby shower, Jane and Rafael look at things they will need for the baby. They are unsure of whether to buy more than one of everything because they do not live together.

Michael interrupts to tell Rafael that Rose is Sin Rostro. Knowing Rose is the reason Luisa is in the psychiatric hospital, they both become worried about her and try to find a way to get her out. At the hospital, Luisa still believes that her father is Sin Rostro and wants to break out to save Rose from him. 

At Jane's home, Rogelio informs Xo and Jane about his job dilemma when he is offered a job in Mexico, but was also offered another local job as a smaller part. Rogelio and Xo are unsure of how to react. 

Petra arrives wanting to stay at the hotel after being banned. Petra tells Rafael about being co-owner of the Marbella. 

Jane overhears Rafael on the phone with questionable things. Michael informs everyone about Emilio being gone and wants to make sure Jane helps with anything she hears or sees. Jane goes to Rafael's room and sees him leaving another room. She investigates and finds Zazo. Confused, and looking for Rafael, Jane runs into Michael and tells him about Zazo. It is actually Zazo's twin brother, Aaron. He was kidnapped by a drug cartel and Rafael helped get him out. Rafael gets mad at Jane for not trusting him. 

Luisa finds a way to escape the hospital and runs into Rafael.Rafael tells Luisa about Sin Rostro and Rose. 

Jane's friend plans her entire baby shower despite tension with her friend being fired. Jane confides in her the issues about buying stuff for baby. Jane apologizes to Rafael and shares her concerns about trusting him. 

Luisa finds a letter from Rose explaining things. She shares the letter with Rafael with the location of where Emilio is buried. Rafael is hurt when the body is found. He immediately goes into planning mode. Jane is unsure how to comfort Rafael and Xo doesn't know how to feel about Rogelio.

Michael wants Luisa to tell everything about her relationship with Rose. Rose was using Emilio to start a plastic surgery ring in his hotel. Luisa gets a call from Rose and asks if she will run away with her. 

After the funeral, Rafael says that Petra continues to persist on a board meeting. Rafael feels awful about everything with Luisa. He wants to see if Luisa will sell her shares of the hotel to overpower Petra. She agrees, but only because she doesn't want to be apart of the money. Petra calls the meeting and Luisa decides to sell her shares to Petra. She buttered her up to make Luisa giver her her shares.

Jane tries to get Rogelio and Xo to confront each other about their feelings. Finally, they realize they care about each other and Rogelio decides to stay.

Petra runs into Aaron in the elevator thinking he is Zazo. 

Xo ends her chastity agreement after Rogelio decides to stay.

After tracking Luisa's calls, Michael tells Rafael that Luisa ran away with Rose. 

Jane surprises Rafael to help him with his troubles. Jane and Rafael exchange 'I love you's.' The next morning, Rafael asks Jane to move in with him.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane: Hey, Rogelio!
Rogelio: Dad. You are locked into dad now.

Luisa: And then, she kissed me. And then, there were fireworks.
Narrator: It was also the 4th of July.