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Jane is getting ready for graduation and also has an ultrasound appointment with Rafael.

Petra apologizes to Lachlan for dumping him for Rafael, even though she should not trust him. Milos, her ex-boyfriend, is keeping in contact with her after the revelation with her mother. 

After they believe Emilio has fled, Michael interrogates Rafael about the possibility of him being Sin Rostro. Rose continues to play along with the idea. Michael interrogates a hotel employee about Emilio's alibi. The waiter tells him that Emilio was having an affair somewhere else making it impossible to have killed the bellboy.

Rogelio is making himself at home at the Villanueva home after he was fired from The Passions of Santos

At the ultrasound, Jane wants to find out the sex and the nurse finds something unusual, but can't tell Jane. Jane and Rafael find out there is an abnormality in the baby and may need an amniocentesis which could cause a miscarriage. The idea leaves Jane in shock. Jane and Rafael can't decide whether or not to get the test. 

While at physical therapy for her accident, Alba talks to another patient who she seems to have a crush on. Xo asks Alba about the man from her therapy sessions. Rogelio refuses to answer his agent's calls because he won't audition for a part. 

Lachlan corners Rafael at the hotel about selling parts of the Marbella. Rafael can't stop thinking about the ultrasound. 

Jane doesn't know what to do with the test and wants answers to prepare. She decides against the test and Rafael is okay with it. After spending the night looking at information on the internet and thinking non-stop, Jane changes her mind about the test. 

Milos meets with Petra and wants to get back together. Petra refuses to because of the problems he has caused. 

During Xo's dance class, Rogelio interrupts to tell them about the downfall about show business. Xo gives him a pep talk about getting back into business. Jane sits her family down to tell them about her choice. Because of the timing of the appointment, she will have to miss the graduation ceremony. 

Michael tells Rose of the affair and when he leaves she removes her wig and calls a mystery person about a timeline. Michael talks to Emilio's mistress who proves that she was on the boat with him. Michael finally connects the dots to Rose as Sin Rostro. He finds out that Rose has left.

After the appointment, Jane has to be on bed rest while she waits for the results. Xo and Rafael have a plan for something. Rafael stays with Jane while she worries about the procedure. Rafael decides to sell part of the hotel. Xo asks Alba about why she hasn't dated since her father died. Alba tells her it is because he risked everything for her. Xo tries to tell her it is okay to date. Jane has regret about the amnio. The baby kicks and Jane is finally at ease. 

The next morning, Jane's family surprises her with a graduation ceremony while on bed rest. Jane's family all give speeches about how proud they are of her.

Michael and Nadine continue to look for information on Rose as Sin Rostro. Nadine finds out that Rose, Emilio, and the bellboy did not kill Zazo. 

Lachlan kicks Petra out of the hotel after everything she has done to him. Milos tells Petra that he did digging on Lachlan. He tells her that he bought the shares of the Marbella for him and Petra to run together.  

After the 48 hours are over, Jane and Rafael wait for the results and decide not to find out the sex of the baby.

Rogelio gets offered a new job in a telenovela that films in Mexico. He is unsure whether to take it or not. 

In the end, Rafael meets with Zazo at the hotel.

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You are allowed to be as emotional as you want. In two days, you're too early.


I happen to be in the middle of a heated bidding war on eBay to take my mind off the heated war currently raging over my acting services.