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After two weeks pass for Jane's amniocentesis, she and Rafael learn that the baby was healthy. With the new development, Jane decides that she doesn't want to move in with Rafael at the moment because of her plan. 

Since Rogelio took a new part on a different telenovela, Xo checks in and hopes he is still excited about the new job. Xo thinks she may be pregnant and doesn't tell Rogelio.

At the Marbella, Michael runs into Jane and tells her that her favorite author, Angelique Harper, is staying at the Marbella. Jane tells Rafael about the news and is ecstatic when he tells her she can meet her at a reading. Jane writes a chapter to share with Angelique. At the reading, Jane hears Angelique speaking about her and Rafael appears to propose. Jane doesn't want to give him an answer, to his disappointment.

Rafael took Jane's plan in a different way and thought she was hinting at an engagement. Jane decides to think about it and ask Alba and Xo for advice. But they have differing opinions. Alba shows Jane a quiz to determine if Rafael is "the one."

Petra's new assistant tells Rafael that she is trying to fire Lachlan, but she can't because of his contract. Petra won't listen. Lachlan shows up while Petra plans to fire. Petra meets Aaron Zazo in her office. He wants to get to know who his brother was before he died. Lachlan goes to Rafael with blackmail against Petra with their sex tape.

At work, Rogelio is not getting along with the creative motion of his role.After his first day of work, Rogelio lies to Xo about his how it was. Xo tells Rogelio that she may be pregnant and he tells her he is excited. Xo then pretends that she was lying and Rogelio gives his truthful feelings. Xo is not happy by Rogelio's reaction and they get mad at each other over their reactions.

Jane is unsure about Rafael's proposal. She runs into Michael who asks questions about her manuscript and she has flashbacks of their relationship. Later, Jane meets Rafael and he is frustrated by Jane's inability to give an answer. 

At a dinner with Aaron Zazo, Petra is nervous about what will come of it. Petra tells the truth about her and Roman's relationship. He asks for his mother's necklace, which Petra has possession of. 

Jane sees Angelique in the lobby and tries to confront her with her novel. As she approaches her, she overhears her berating someone over the phone and doesn't go to her. Back at home, Xo tells Jane about her thinking about she is pregnant. Jane gets mad and frustrated with the confession. 

Rafael goes to Petra and tells her that he has her sex tape. At the hotel, Petra and Lachlan's sex tape gets out. Petra tells Rafael that she released the sex tape to make sure Lachlan didn't. She wants to work with Rafael at the hotel.

Xo finds out that she is not pregnant and she also helps Jane with the decision about what to answer to Rafael. Jane confronts Rafael and decides to not marry him, yet. Rafael is not so happy about her choice. Jane goes to drop off her chapter to Angelique, but she believes that she is the masseuse. Jane is forced to give the massage to Angelique. 

Petra and Rafael force Lachlan with paperwork unless he wants to quit.

On set, Rogelio is still having issues with his work and Xo tells the truth about the pregnancy. Even though Rogelio doesn't like his job, he tells her that he is happy he stayed for her. To move forward, Xo decides to move in with Rogelio. 

After the massage, Jane shares her excitement with Michael and Rafael sees the excitement on her face from afar. 

Petra returns Zazo's necklace. It is revealed that inside the necklace is a flash drive. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Don't worry. I am very easy to dress. Everything looks good on me.


Jane: What are the odds?
Rafael: I mean, we do host a lot of authors.
Jane: Rhetorical question.