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Jane's high school reunion is coming up and she doesn't want to go. Xo and Lina convince her to go and have fun.

Jane still hasn't told Rafael about her custody decision.Rafael hears that the hotel may need to be separated from company. Luisa agrees, Rafael wants to keep the Marbella.Rafael realizes he made a mistake breaking up with Jane.

On her way to meet Rafael, Jane runs into Petra who is trying to keep her and Rafael apart. Rafael does not take the custody news well and tries to convince Jane otherwise. Rafael confides in Petra about the custody agreement. 

Michael is getting rewarded at work and invites Jane to come along for the ceremony. 

Jane procrastinates writing her book to open baby gifts. Alba realizes that Jane is nesting getting ready for the baby.

Rogelio and Xo's breakup is still hard on them, but they continue to rehearse for their Vegas show. Xo and Rogelio rehearse for their Vegas show, but nothing is good enough for Rogelio. Alba lets Xo know that she thinks Rogelio is afraid of heights which is why he hasn't been cooperating at rehearsals. Xo confronts Rogelio about his fear of heights and he admits it. For the big director, Rogelio panics with the heights and Xo takes the fall to make Rogelio feel better. 

After Michael's ceremony, they continue to remain friends, but Jane much skip out on dinner for her reunion.On her way into her reunion Jane runs into Petra, again, who wants to talk about Rafael's feelings.Petra tries to convince Jane to forgive Rafael. Lina and Jane finally arrive at the reunion and Jane realizes she has not met the potential she thought she would be.Jane runs into her high school crush. When he realizes she is pregnant, he runs away. During Jane's speech at the reunion, Jane gives a good speech, but doesn't believe a word of what she said.

Jane runs into her high school nemesis. She apologizes to Jane, but is totally insincere. After the reunion, Michael asks Jane how it went and they continue to talk through the night. About Jane's career and baby worries and Michael's worries. Jane realizes it felt like old times. Jane tells Alba and Xo that she wants to go to grad school for writing thanks to Michael. 

At the doctor's appointment, Jane learns the baby is slowly coming. Jane still doesn't change her mind and Rafael goes to Petra to thank her for talking to Jane. Rafael tells Petra that they can't be together because of the baby. She wants her mother call Michael to confess to pushing Alba, so she has a better chance at being with Rafael.

Jane decides to play dirty with Petra and have Rafael lie to Petra to get her mother in jail. Jane wants her and Rafael to be friends. 

Alba, Xo, and Jane celebrate the jail sentence and Michael shows up to join. Luisa wants Rafael to fight for Jane. When he calls, Xo ignores the call while Michael and Jane talk. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I'd like to trust you. But I did that once, remember? And then you turned back into huge bitch again, basically.


Rogelio: Once I secure my Tony, all that remains is an E.G.O.
Alba: Pretty sure you've got that covered.