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Alba tells Jane about a woman from Simon & Schuster who is willing to read her novel. Jane is beyond excited until her advisor urges her not to present her material at this time. Jane eventually realizes she was right, and decides not to give the publisher her material.

Jane wants Mateo's birthday to be perfect. Alba tries to get her to cancel so she can focus on the wedding, but Jane is determined to give Mateo a great first birthday party. Mateo becomes ill, so Jane and Rafael spend the night at the hospital with him. Mateo is okay, and the whole family shows up to celebrate Mateo's birthday at the hospital. 

Jane worries about Rafael when Petra comes up with a crazy plan to get Rafael out of the mess with Derek. Despite Jane's protests, Rafael goes along with Petra. When he plan doesn't work out, Jane tells Petra that Rafael shouldn't listen to Petra when he needs help. Petra feels like it's always a competition between the two of them, and Jane eventually agrees with this statement.

Rogelio worries about Jane's wedding when the crew decides they are going to go on strike right before the wedding. In order to get them to hold off until after the wedding, Rogelio joins the crew for an entire week in order to walk a mile in their shoes. Despite some missteps, he wins them over and saves Jane's wedding. 

Michael teams up again with Susana, and they discover Mutter tied up inside the Fairwick. Meanwhile, Derek is on a plane headed to an unknown destination.

It is revealed Anezka if working with Magda against Petra. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Petra: I just didn't want you to be right all the time.
Jane: It's not a competition.
Petra: Sometimes it can feel like one.

Rafael: So my lawyer said they could go easy on me or they could want to make an example out of someone like me.
Narrator: Rich, entitled, son of a crime lord.