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Jane continues to get her signals crossed with Professor Chavez. First, Jane accidently says his name as one of the characters in her story during a reading. Then Jane accidently kisses his sweater when she thinks he's leaning in to kiss her. Jane realizes her crush is getting in the way of her writing. Jane tells him she will find another advisor, and that's when he finally asks her out.

Jane worries about leaving Rogelio in charge of Mateo. Rogelio messes up when Mateo eats the diamond Rogelio was going to use to propose to Xo with. Jane scolds Rogelio for being irresponsible. They make up later. When Rogelio proposes to Xo, he talks about raising kids with her. This is an issue because Xo wants to focus on her career now that she's hit 40 years old. Rogelio doesn't know how he wants to move forward with her.

Petra and Rafael team up to try to repair the Marbella's damaged reputation. There are flashbacks to when they first got together. After they succeed in their plan, Rafael kisses Petra, but she pulls away. She's worried that Rafael is not over Jane.

Michael and Susannah figure out that Rose is Elena's step-daughter. This shakes Luisa. Luisa tries to get closer to Susannah, but she pushes Luisa away think she's not over Rose. Michael and Susannah finally see the first face on the microchip. Meanwhile, Rose and Elena meet up because they both need the chip away from the police. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Jane: Enough! I have to draw the line somewhere, and telling my mom the ins and outs of my sex fantasy is definitely crossing it.
Xo: Did you say ins and outs?
Jane: Seriously, who are you? Fifteen?

Xo: You misread the signs. We've all done it.
Jane: Really? You've made out with a guy's sweater as he desperately dodged your kiss?