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Jane is ready to have her fling with Fabian, but he surprises her by saying he wants to wait to have sex. He isn't a virgin, but he wants to put sex on the back burner until he finds something more meaningful. After insisting that they don't have enough in common to  continue dating, Jane eventually comes around and gives Fabian a chance.

Lina returns to town after moving away to New York. She is getting married, but she and Jane haven't been close in a while. After a few uncomfortable encounters, Jane and Lina have it out. Jane realizes Lina couldn't be close to her and feel happy at the same time since Lina's life was getting better as Jane was still mourning Michael. They reconcile.

Alba witnesses a woman be racist toward a fellow customer in The Marbella but doesn't say anything. After initially not wanting to, she decides to march in a pro-immigration rally. Jorge confesses he can't march with Alba because he is in the country illegally. Mateo asks Jane and Rafael why the country can't be peaceful and Jane gives him the best answer she is capable of giving a child.

Rogelio wants to move with Xo, but she worries they maybe going too fast. Rogelio thinks they aren't moving fast enough. Rogelio overhears Alba discourages Xo from repeating the same mistakes. Rogelio confronts Alba, but it turns out this was all part of a trick to surprise Rogelio. Xo proposes to Rogelio and he says yes.

Rafael tells Jane about his feelings for Petra. She warns Rafael not to say anything until he knows for sure that he loves her. With Anezka threatening Petra from prison, Rafael asks his P.I. to investigate. Turns out there was a mysterious J.P. in Scott's burn book. Anezka reveals to the cops that J.P. wad Chuck. Petra is last seen in a car with Chuck and he has a gun in the backseat.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I really didn't know how to be upset around you, in a regular way, or happy around you. And I really wanted to be happy. I'd waited so long for my life to click together and finally it was.


Xo: And we've always moved so fast. We said I love you on beach day in high school after dating for a week.
Rogelio: And it was true. I did love you, and I love you now. And I spent the last three years adjusting to life without you, and it wasn't as good. So we can slow down if that's what you want. But for my part, we're not moving fast enough.