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The episode begins with a 23-year-old Alba and her husband deciding to let their visas expire and stay in the United States on the day that celebrates America, 4th of July. 

Fast-forward to the present and Abuela is getting ready for her citizenship ceremony. She finally found a way to become a legal citizen. 

Jane and the family are planning a huge surprise party for her which she has no clue about. 

When Jane figures out that Jorge is planning a little after-work celebration for Alba at work, she pays him a visit and tells him to cancel. 

That's when he says he can fake having the flu and Jane realizes that's the same the Alba said when she kept offering to babysit Mateo she could go to dinner with Rafael. 

Later, she catches Xo, Ro and River Fields being super weird and figures out that Rafael is planning on proposing. 

But knowing something is coming leads to expectations and when Jane arrives at Raf's for their "big dinner," she finds him drinking his sorrows away. 

He finally had a chat with Rose and whatever he found out about his parents, wasn't pretty. 

He tells Jane to go but she insists on staying because that's what couples do -- they help each other get through the difficult times. 

That night in bed, Jane asks Raf once again but instead of telling her the truth, they make love. 

After Abla's ceremony, Jane makes them take the bus so that everyone can set up at home. 

But Alba goes rogue when she decides to take the bus to Jorge's house and check up on him. When Alba doesn't budge, Jane is forced to tell her the truth. 

While they are arguing, Mateo hops on the bus by himself. Upon realizing, they chase the bus down and Jane bursts into a fit of tears remembering how Rose orchestrated his kidnapping. 

Rafael arrives late to the party because he had to "take care of something" and leaves after the wedding to set up for a night with Jane. 

Oh yeah, the wedding. During Alba's party, Jorge tells her that his mother is sick in Mexico and since he is an illegal immigrant, he cannot visit her. 

Knowing how important family is to her, Alba proposes to him and Jane officiates the wedding. 

The worst part, Alba still has feelings for him so this won't be an easy journey. 

Jane arrives to Rafael's thinking this will finally be the moment he proposes but when he opens the door, he's not in a chipper mood. 

When she enters his apartment, she finds Michael standing there. Michael is alive. 

Meanwhile, Petra and JR exchange I love you's and decide to move in together. That all changes when JR finds the broken heel confirming Magda's story about the night of the murder. Petra lied to save her own ass and allowed JR to get disbarred for her. 

JR breaks up with her but as she's leaving the Marbella she gets a call from Krishna who turned herself in earlier. 

Krishna tells her that she's being blackmailed and that Ms. Solano is in grave danger. 

JR rushes back inside to find Petra and the blackmailer in a standoff. She lunges at the mystery person and shoots them to save her girlfriend. 

Who is the blackmailer? How is Michael alive? We'll find all of that out on Jane the Virgin Season 5! 

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Rafael: I was hoping to get your blessing first. All of yours. I want to do it right this time.
Xo: Of course, you have my blessing.
Rogelio: Mine too. I've gotten over my ambivalence for you. I meant, this past month's Jane has really seemed happy, again. What more could a father want?

Jane: It's fine, I don't like surprises, remember? This is good, I can get a manicure, be Instagram-ready.
Xo: Wait, does that mean you're saying 'yes'?
Jane: I love him so much. He is my future, who else could it be?