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Xo's life is uprooted when she finds out she has stage three breast cancer. 

Such advanced cancer, the doctor tells her, will require surgery and chemo. 

Suddenly, everyone has an opinion on what she should do and all of the information becomes a bit overwhelming. 

At dinner, Ro, Jane and Alba all agree that she should get a double mastectomy, which would remove both breasts. 

Xo initially agrees, but when she goes for a relaxing spa-day with Jane and sees only boobs in her face, she begins having second thoughts. 

During a mud-bath, Xo realizes just how important her body -- including her boobs -- is to her.

She only has one body and unlike for Jane, it's been part of her identity her whole life. She's proud of it. 

After an explosive fight in the middle of the spa, Xo tells her daughter that she can't have the surgery for everyone's peace of mind; she has to do what's best for her. 

That's when she realizes that the only person who should be getting a say in her treatments aside from her is her husband. 

She turns to Rogelio with her concerns. He may be okay with having both breasts removed, but what will that do their sex life?

Eventually, they agree that Xo will simply remove the breast that's affected, which her family is in full support of. 

Before the surgery, Xo and Ro spend a night together saying goodbye to her breast. Rogelio is so emotional, he even writers the boob a poem.

Rafael, a cancer survivor himself, tells Xo that she can always turn to him when the going gets tough because he understands what she's going through. 

Mateo is so concerned about his Abuela and asks Rafael to pray with him so that she doesn't die. 

Meanwhile, Petra spends the episode thinking all about J.R. She's crushing hard. 

Rafael overhears her practicing pick up lines in front of a mirror and initially thinks she's trying to hit on his girlfriend. 

He tells Jane, who is obviously thrown off. When Petra stops by to console her about her mother's diagnosis, Jane confronts her straight on. 

Petra is disgusted that anyone would think she has feelings for Jane. She confesses to hooking up with her former lawyer, which shocks everyone. 

At first, Petra tells Jane and Rafael that she doesn't want to discuss her romantic life with them, but when J.R doesn't respond to her texts the way she wants her too, she reaches out to Raf for advice. 

He tells her that a romantic gesture goes a long way so she plans a romantic dinner complete with flowers and champagne. 

When J.R arrives, she's visibly surprised and not interested. Realizing Petra doesn't want to talk about the case, she leaves to go meet up her "date."

Jealous, Petra follows her to see what "her type is," and is upset when it's a tall blonde just like her. 

In a fit of anger, she tries to drive away but actually reverses into the car behind her, causing a scene. 

J.R runs out of the restaurant to confront her and Petra admits that she's totally smitten, which is unlike her. 

Thinking she blew her chance, Petra returns home and throws on a pair of sweats, which is unprecedented, and gorges on pickles in bed. 

Shortly after, J.R arrives at her door and admits that vulnerable Petra was actually really romantic. 

They begin to kiss and well, I think we can all figure out what happens next. 

The final scene is cryptic but whoever the mystery man that's walking in an ominous way is, he's definitely bad news. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Petra: Jane, I meant what I said. Call me if you need anything. Not sexual.
Jane: Got it.
Petra: Cause I would rather go to Chuck E. Cheese during flu season.

Can we get me out of this locker room? It’s a non-stop boob parade.