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Rafael and Jane have exchanged 'I love you's.' 

And while it's usually a milestone moment, it was a bit anti-climactic for this couple. 

Raf was ecstatic when Jane found inspiration for her writing after they slept together. However, while he was cleaning out her drawer at his place, he stumbled upon her work and was crushed to find she wrote about Michael instead. 

Jane admitted that it was actually the anniversary of Michael's death, but since she was so happy with the life her and Raf created, she almost forgot all about it. 

Rafael decided to clear out some space so she had a writing area all to herself, however, Jane had a better idea -- they should move in together. 

Also exchanging 'I love you's' were Jane and Petra. 

When Jane realized just how important J.R was to the other baby momma, she suggested they all go on a double date. 

J.R didn't take a liking to Jane, which rarely happens, and it didn't sit well with Jane who cares deeply about Petra. 

She tried to make small talk with J.R in the elevator but it ended up being even more awkward. 

Jane's tenacity helped J.R realize just how much Petra cared for her so she agreed to meet her children aka the two mini-Petra's. 

During a joint-family dinner, she received a call that a new witness had come forward claiming to have seen Petra kill Anezka -- her mother, Magda. 

Xo was on the mend following her mastectomy but recovering at a much slower pace than most people. 

Alba was helping her when she found out her citizenship test was scheduled in a few days. She didn't want to tell Xo as to not worry her, however, Xo swiftly caught on and tried to make Alba go home and study. 

Eventually, the Villanueva women came together to help take care of Xo and to help Alba study. 

Xo insisted on going with them for Alba's test and because of traffic, Alba was "too late" for the test. 

Xo being the mama-bear that she is yelled at the security guard and pulled out the cancer card to persuade him to take the test. 

Eventually, he caved and Alba passed with a 100%. 

Unfortunately, her reconciliation with Jorge wasn't as smooth; he said his feelings weren't the same after she rejected his proposal twice.

Rogelio was going back to work on the American version of Santos so he needed to tell Darcy that they needed a babysitter for Baby. 

The problem was he committed to being the full-time sitter and they'd lost the best "celebrity nanny."

When he finally did confess, Darcy was so angry, he pulled the cancer card and told her he couldn't take care of their daughter because Xo had cancer. 

Obviously, that wasn't the full truth and eventually, the truth came out. Rogelio went to the park to poach Mario Lopez's nanny and did so successfully.

However, Esteban revealed that Darcy knew about the show the whole time and already secured a nanny in advance. 

A screaming match ensued but they both realized they weren't acting in Baby's best interest and promised to do better. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Okay, things not to bring up. Let’s start with the three “I’s.” Insemination, infidelity, and any other indiscretions.


Wow, I’ve never seen anyone not like Jane before. It’s honestly a turn on.