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After Michael's return, Jane's life and the future she'd envisioned with Rafael was in shambles. 

As she awaits the verdict from the lawyer on whether her marriage to Jason is still valid, she finds herself suffering from Catholic guilt which turns into just plain old guilt. 

At one point, Jason thinks that he remembers a moment between them in New Orleans. It ends up being just a scene from a recent NCIS episode. 

However, this makes Jane spiral as she begins to worry about what will happen if Jason does get his memories back and returns to being the Michael she's always loved. 

She tells her mother that she's not sure if she'd have feelings for him, but doesn't want to tell Rafael because she doesn't want to ruin what they have. 

All of her feelings and worries intensify after she finds out Michael-Jason is still legally her husband. 

Rafael begs her to get a divorce, but she doesn't feel right about it. Not only is it against her Catholic religion, but she also wouldn't be able to live with herself if she gave up on Michael after just two weeks. 

Meanwhile, Jason accepts a position at a real-life amnesiac consultant on Rogelio's American telenovela, the Passions of Steve and Brenda. 

Rogelio hopes that he'll be able to convince the writers to give him a longer monologue, but his plan backfires when Jason inspires the writers to make it even shorter.

While he's on set, River Fields informs Jason that he's the real victim here, which he uses to tell Jane he's no longer working with her to regain his memories. 

She's surprised, but Jason tells her that she constantly makes him feel guilty for not being Michael. 

Jane feels guilty, again, and tells Jason she wants to get to know who he is now. 

He takes her line dancing, and as the two are having a fun time together, he kisses her. 

Jane storms out in a fit of rage telling Jason that she's with Rafael now. He apologizes explaining that it happened in the heat of the moment and because she's still his wife. 

Jane immediately tells Rafael what happened and he tells her divorce is necessary. 

She agrees, and surprisingly, so does Alba who has a new outlook on love and commitment since her quickie marriage to Jorge. 

Jane serves Jason with divorce papers, but lies and says the dog ate them. 

In fact, he chose not to sign them. But why?

Meanwhile, Rafael and Luisa visit Rose to find out why she gave Michael amnesia. 

Rose exploits Rafael's biggest fear by taunting him that if Michael's memory comes back, Jane will run back to the love of her life. 

She then tells Luisa the reason: it was random. 

She thought Michael possibly saw her mask unpeeling at a coffee shop that morning so she kidnapped him. Since she made a promise not to kill anymore, she gave him amnesia instead which she claims was a lot more work. 

Do you believe her?

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Rose: Did you come to thank me? I took out the competition. Got you the girl.
Rafael: Why did you wipe Michael's memories?
Rose: Is that really what you want to ask me? Or are you trying to find out if what I did to Michael is reversible? Afraid that if Michael gets his memory back, Jane will go running back to her one true love like she always does?

Jane: Trust me, he needs that dog because he is not a people person.
*Michael laughing while talking to Jorge*
Petra: Maybe he's just not a Jane person.