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Yvette shows off Kevin to some of the other angels. Kevin finds his next assignment. It's a guy named Charlie who can't get over his ex girlfriend. Kevin agrees to hang out with him then agrees to go on a double date when Charlie picks up a girl while they're out. It turns out the girl Charliechose is Kristin. Amy helps Kevin find someone to double date with before choosing to go herself. The double date with Charlie, Kristin, Amy, and Kevin is awkward. Amy calls Kevin out on nog pursuing Kristin and he does the same with her and Nate. She asks Nate out on a date. Kristin tells Kevin later that she's not ready to day and thus prevent him from sharing his real feelings. Reese befriends a new girl at school but when the new girl admits she has a strange hobby, Reese blows her off. After a talk with Kevin, Reese makes things right. Tyler puts out an add in search of Yvette. Yvette talks it out with Kevin and at one point with an unknowing Charlie before she sends Tyler a letter responding to his advert. After briefly watching the students while Kristin steps away, Kristin impressed wirh Kevin's skills and recommends him for the substitute teacher position at the school. He accepts it. Kevin gets another clue for a new soul. This time it's somewhere snowy.
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

That must have been weird going on a double date with your ex and your sister.


People are always going to need help, and I can't just look away and pretend not to notice. Not anymore. I have to do the right thing, and sometimes the right thing sucks.