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Villanelle is running on foot after the car. Eve stops it, gets out and waves. She gets closer to Villanelle who puts the gun to her head. She laughs when Eve screams no and shoots at Eve's feet.

Frank says one of the girls was called Oksana. He's then taken to a safe house where he has to face Carolyn and plays that he has numb arms so he can stop talking.

Elena wants to leave the operation but assures Carolyn she had an amazing day.

Frank tells Carolyn all about his spy business as soon as she cradles his head in his arms.

Frank eventually concedes that there is a pattern to the kills and Villanelle is at the heart of it. Destabilizing to the point of chaos.

Eve decides a walk home would be good. Because she seems to have forgotten that Villanelle is everywhere.

They find Oksana in prison records. Supposedly she died four years ago while incarcerated and after having chopped off someone's knob.

At home, Eve goes through the suitcase, covers herself in Villanelle and puts on the gown. When she gets downstairs, Niko isn't there, but Villanelle is and the chase is on.

Villanelle is screaming that she is not going to hurt her. When Villanelle gets into the bathroom, Eve has a plunger pointed at her face and Villanelle cannot help but laugh. Villanelle gets Eve into the tub and pours water on her face to stop her screaming.

When she sees Eve is shaking in the kitchen, she suggests Eve put something on from the nearby wall. She helps her dress and get out of the wet clothes, complimenting her body.

Villanelle asks if she'd like her to lay the table, worries the knife Eve put down her pants might slip, but allows her to keep it if it will make her feel better.

Villanelle plays a game with Eve, putting on the waterworks, saying she's sorry and needs help. After she's finished, Eve calls bullshit and calls her an asshole.

Villanelle had Eve up against the refrigerator and took her phone thanked Eve profusely for the dinner and said goodbye.

Eve is at Carolyn's where she discovers Kenny is her son and says they need to talk about Frank. They're not in a hurry.

Villanelle is already at Frank's place. She's messing with him as a cat would a mouse. She wants his penis. By the time Eve arrives and sees Frank on the bed, he looks pretty dead to me.

Villanelle is telling Konstantin how the other two agents with her died after they crossed her. The bad news is Nadia is still alive. That means Oksana has to go Russia before Nadia tells her side of the story. What about Anna? Konstantin says she won't see Anna and come straight back. She wonders what number he is. What, he wonders? He is number 12 she says. Oh dear, he replies.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Frank: There is a pattern, a sequence to these kills. They're destabilizing from the ground up.
Eve: To what end?
Frank: Chaos.

Guard: He says he's feeling to weak to talk. Do you want me to drag him in here by his armpits?
Carolyn: No. I know exactly what he needs. [to Eve] I'm so sorry you have to see this.