Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2 Review: I'll Deal with Him Later

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Who is Anna?

Given everything else we know so far about Villanelle, the blank-faced drawing revealed on Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2 most likely won't be something we'd ordinarily expect to ruffle the feathers of a young woman.

But the moment between Eve and Villanelle left a mark on both women and now we know why.

Villanelle as Art - Killing Eve

Eve initially thought the "nurse" might be someone who could have seen the killer she's now seeking, but it didn't take her long to realize she more than likely had her own experience with the woman she thinks deserves to be killing people for being so damn clever so far.

The opening discussion with Carolyn and Eve was brilliant. Neither woman is one for small talk, so they got straight to business. 

I've thought that very thing that Eve conveyed to Carolyn in her annoyance with not being on the case herself: if the female assassin can't be caught by the best of them, then she should still be killing. 

The dialogue is impeccable throughout and that scene easily defined the two characters. We're not left guessing at the motivations of anyone but Villanelle, and that's beautiful.

Awkward Conversation - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2

The show itself is like a lesson for women to reach their breaking point sooner so they can be heard at their jobs by people other than their annoying bosses.

Eve: So there was never any CCTV?
Frank: No. I was just tired of you piping up with your theories any time there was a snip of conspiracy in the air you tiresome think bucket!

While Frank refused to listen because Eve wanted to do more than the job she was hired to do, Carolyn was looking for someone with a mind exactly like Eve's, and if Eve had not spoken up she wouldn't have ever stepped foot into her brain.

And while the dialogue is spot on, it's also funny. I'm still laughing when I think about Carolyn telling Eve she can have two people, but she should make them small. 

There isn't a single character not to like on Killing Eve. Eve brought her former coworkers to her new assignment. Could she be any more classy and loyal?

She is the complete opposite of Villanelle. But watching Villanelle isn't an unpleasant experience because trying to understand her seems like time well spent.

Small People - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2

What would make an assassin put so much work into their kills? She's positively gleeful at the thought of putting together the plans she has for her marks and even uses her short-term work to describe herself to people she meets in her life.

Villanelle must have planned to kill her new "boyfriend" Sebastian eventually since she told him she was a perfumer. That was only going to be a temporary gig to kill the mark she didn't even have the authority to assassinate.

I watched this particular episode twice, and the second time around it was so sad seeing Sebastian's excitement at meeting the lovely Villanelle knowing how he would meet his demise. He only wanted to know her better, just like the rest of us.

Even Konstantin fell for it when he went in for a hug, never realizing she was doing it only to pick his pocket so she could kill the "breathy one" as she so desperately desired.

Passion for her Work - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2

All we know about Villanelle so far is she doesn't want to speak Russian anymore, she has no need to understand why she kills, she values the privacy of those who make the requests that she kill and someone in her past named Anna had black hair like Eve and that person caused her some upset.

My initial guesses about Anna are that she's either someone who got away from Villanelle or someone Villanelle couldn't kill. Both of those scenarios would be impossible for a killer like her to get over.

The worst scenario, though, would be someone she killed who caused her emotional pain. Remorse. If she had remorse after a kill, that would be the utter worst for an assassin, I would think.

It could be that she was asked to kill someone she loved as a test to determine if she was right for the job, but that seems too easy. 

Killing Eve is based off of a series of books, though, so someone out there probably already knows. Please know that just because I am theorizing does not mean I want the answer. Theorizing is part of the fun!

And as fantastic as Sandra Oh is at all things Eve, Jodie Comer is nailing the serial killer vibe. Her facial expressions alone should make her an Emmy contender.

I don't even know what to make of Villanelle's thoughts at the realization of who was heading up the task force hunting her down. The title of the series indicates a desire to take Eve out of the picture, but something tells me Villanelle will want to be caught instead. 

Artistry - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2

She likes the thrill of it too much. She will want to keep up the chase, especially because of the Anna connection, and that's why understanding that connection will be so imperative.

Before I go, I must mention the cinematography and costume design because it's a work of art. The main photo for this post could easily be hung in a museum. There is so much care going into this production that it shows on every level. It's remarkable.

We're only two hours into this ride and the speed is about to ramp up. If you have been remiss, you better watch Killing Eve online because you do not want to miss this one.

I'll Deal with Him Later Review

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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Russian: There are concerns about your state of mind.
Villanelle: OK.
Russian: Have you been feeling any stress or anxieties lately?
Villanelle: I had quite a heavy period last week, but other than that, I think I'm OK.

Oh hi! Letting yourself into my apartment and drinking from a tiny cup doesn't make you intimidating, by the way. It just makes you rude.