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Niko ignores Eve's texts. He's assumed a new life back home in Poland.

Eve is living at Bitter Pill. She has bruises on her face from her fight with Villanelle.

Niko finally gets back to her, and gives her a chance to speak. It's Eve's birthday. Villanelle sends her a cake in the shape of a bus. Eve throws it off the roof.

Jamie offers Eve a place to stay. Eve and Jamie tell each other their darkest secrets. 

Eve makes the connection between Villanelle's murder and Dasha's. 

Eve chooses to visit Niko in Poland instead of continuing the investigation.

Konstantin picks Irina up from school in Moscow. They argue about his job.

Charles left behind a file that reveals who stole the money from the Geneva account. 

Villanelle fails at baking a cake. 

Dasha visits Villanelle and reprimands her for taking risks in London. She tells her The Twelve want to meet to discuss her promotion.

Konstantin visits Villanelle. He gives Villanelle information about her family in exchange for her killing Charles's wife.

Villanelle has the hiccups. His wife tries to help scare her so they'll stop, but Villanelle strangles her.

Carolyn negotiates for her office back at MI6. Geraldine expresses her concern over Carolyn's grieving habits.

A member of The Twelve visits Dasha and tells her to drive a wedge between Eve and Villanelle.

Dasha's the one to lure Eve to Poland, not Niko. Dasha kills Niko in front of Eve, and frames Villanelle. 

Villanelle travels home to Russia.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I left a man to die, so I could save a psychopath.


Don't think that you are the only self-loathing asshole in the room, ever.