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The Killjoys successfully capture a smuggler and are soon given their next warrant.

At the prisoner intake facility, Hills Oonan informs Dutch that they are in the middle of a hostage situation in Sugar Point. She and her team have been hired to exchange Simon Muraayn for the Mayor's daughter, Vena. Oonan threatened Dutch when she tried to get out of the assignment.

As Johnny strapped Simon in, the man complained of a bad gut and Dutch caught his foul stench making light of it by asking him to brush his teeth.

When the team reached Sugar Point, we learn that The Company had bombed the city and now only scavengers and warlords remained.

Suddenly, Lucy's emergency systems kick in and she is torpedoed out of the sky. Simon opens the cargo hatch and flees. It's agreed that D'avin will accompany Dutch to retrieve Simon, while Johnny works to repair the ship.

Scavengers move in and surround the ship, while another group takes Dutch and D'avin down. Johnny allows several goons aboard and sneaks off. Then he has Lucy purge the oxygen. He heads toward their vehicle for its power supply.

Elsewhere, Simon is being cut open when Dutch and D'avin come to. She manages to break free by dislocating her shoulder and eases Simon's suffering. The man dies, but Dutch realizes he's swallowed a smugglers nut. This device contains launch codes is what Simon's sister is after.

While Johnny finished repairing the ship, D'avin confesses to Dutch he's in the Quad looking for a certain doctor. Dutch follows his lead and they lure the scavengers into R'yo's territory. A shootout takes place as our heroes make their way to the roof. There D'avin sabotages the missile, just as John arrives in their spaceship to save the day. 

Back in Westerly, the Killjoys celebrate a successful mission with a few drinks. Dutch tells D'avin he should consider becoming a Killjoy and he absolutely loves the idea. She then excuses herself.

Her "red box" mission leads her to a mystery man. She confronts him, but rather than kill him she asks why Khlyen wants him dead.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

D'avin: What are we carrying?
John: Carrying?
D'avin: Weapons? Shields? We're sitting ducks here. Whoever shot us down is gonna come after us.
John: Yeah yeah, about that who did shoot us down? What do they want? We're the ones here to do the exchange.
Dutch: John? Why are you opening the cargo door?
John: I'm not... Simon? Why would he do that? We had a gentleman's agreement.
Dutch: Remind me to shoot one of you geniuses later.

Hills Oonan: Hostage situation, she got nabbed last night. Piece of work holding her is named R'yo.
Dutch: Let me guess, the brother's the freak on my ship?
Hills Oonan: Simon Muraayn, been cooling his jets in Westol prison the past three years on attempt theft; company gear. We bought a hostage exchange warrant with the RAC. You give Simon to his sister. Bring Vena home safe.