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Delle Sayeh has been staying at Red 9, studying Khlyen's experiments. D'avin and John invade her sanctuary. They want to hide Jaq with her from The Lady. Dutch thinks the tattoo on her back means Aneela is breaking. The team arrives back at the Armada, looking to retake the RAC. Pip is avoiding Dutch. Weej will lead the first wave, to clear a path to the children. Turin and Dutch argue over strategy. Weej's ship is blown up flying into a biometric field. Dutch seeks Zephyr's help with her back tattoo. Lucy finds a regressor that may help beat the shield. The prototype is stored at a cult compound on Leith. Zeph consults with Feruza about the symbol on Dutch's back. Feruza breaks it down into three ancient Scarback symbols. Dutch and D'avin infiltrate the compound in disguise. John and Lucy talk about Dutch and D'avin's relationship. Using the regressor, Dutch connected with Aneela. They take out the priest and his guards and steal the regressor. Zephyr grudgingly tells Pip about the religious farmers from whom she escaped on Leith. Pip wants to go on the mission, but Zeph makes him promise to ride with Dutch. John is using the regressor to keep the shield open for 30 minutes for the invasion force. D'av and Fancy distract the Hullen while Pree and Gared rescue the kids. Dutch and Pip steal the green pool. Doing so took out the shield, and the ship is doing a hard reboot, giving the Hullen access to the RAC's heavy cannon. Turin suggests using the RAC's self-destruct code, but someone has to enter it manually. Pip agrees to do it because he's dying anyway. John breaks the news to Zeph. Zeph blames Dutch for not bringing Pip home and she leaves. Dutch uses the plasma to switch places with Aneela. 

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

It's your weekend.

D'avin [to Delle Sayeh]

Computer: Did you enjoy Khlyen's case study on the chemical properties of plasma, Sayeh?
Delle Sayeh: Definitely not a bestseller. I hope the sequel has more sex.