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Dutch and John on Lucy reach Telen where D'avin is hiding with Jaq. John has to beat a silica storm to the surface, to check out the family cabin. Someone starts shooting at D'av and Jaq. It's D'avin's father, Marris. They all end up trapped together in the cabin by the storm. John reaches the surface just before the Hullen arrive. Zephyr tells Dutch about the new green plasma pool, which can be used for escape either by The Lady or Aneela. Marris squandered the money their mother hid for emergencies, which is what D'avin had come back for. Dutch and Zeph team up to re-create the decaying spore which Khlyen had created to kill the Green. John surprises Jaq, whose grandfather has sent him out into a tunnel looking for a tool. The Hullen are right behind them. John tells his father he's a Killjoy. D'av's tripwire knocks out one of the Hullen. The current sheriff, Charlie, who is John's ex, shows up. D'av gets knocked out by a Hullen neuro-banger. The Hullen take Marris. D'av interrogates a captive Hullen while John and Charlie catch up. The Hullen want to trade Marris for Jaq. Dutch slingshots Lucy around a sun to create enough G-force to separate Khlyen's spore so Zeph can re-create it. Dutch passes out. Charlie takes Jaq to meet up with Dutch, while D'av and John go to rescue Marris. D'av tells John the truth about why he joined the Army. Charlie betrays them to the Hullen. Zeph the hologram causes a fire on Lucy, and Dutch wakes up in time. Jaq takes out a Hullen guard and escapes, just as the Jaqobis get loose. John arrests Charlie. Jaq wonders if he would be safer with Delle Sayeh. A tattoo appears on Dutch's back. 

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jaq: There's sand in my boots.
D'avin: That's silica dust.
Jaq: There's silica in my boots.

John: This is a very important question: dark boots or the slightly dark boots?
Dutch: This is an extraction, Johnny, not popping down to Telen for a home-cooked meal and fresh laundry.