Another Lady - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 2
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Dutch/Yala is a fugitive. She buys drugs for the wounded Zephyr from Turin, who is now a dealer. She has to operate on Zeph, who has passed out. D'avin is hunting Yala. Johnny kicks D'av out of The Royale. Zeph has a plan to counteract The Lady's hypnosis, if Dutch doesn't kill her on the operating table. Pree comes in with a black kill warrant for Yala. Gared tells Johnny Turin is looking for him because Yala stiffed him. Johnny offers to help D'av as long as he promises to bring in Yala alive. The Lady transfers her consciousness into a teenage girl's body to prove a point to Khlyen. D'av interrogates Turin, who refers him to Stinky Raincoat/Zeph. Zeph determines humans have 27 days of breathable air left. D'av tries to make Johnny suspicious of Yala and Johnny fires him. Johnny locates Zeph's hideout but she hides. D'av catches up to Dutch and she runs. Then she tries to convince him they're living in a simulation and she kisses him. The Lady keeps pressing Khlyen for Dutch's location. Johnny is convinced Yala is a terrorist, but D'av isn't sure anymore. So they both head to the chemical factory which Dutch is planning to sabotage. Zeph's protein inhibitor works, snapping her back to reality. She remembers Pip's death. Dutch injects both D'av and Johnny with the inhibitor. D'av and Johnny are back to being their old selves. They're back to squabbling like brothers. She tells them about their plan to blow up the factory. Pree is there looking for her. D'av and Johnny take him out. Dutch finds creatures that The Lady is growing. D'av and Johnny leave with Pree. Dutch wipes out the creatures with a flamethrower, and The Lady screams. Zeph gets caught in the rain. The rest are captured. 

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Turin: What the dusty shit is that?
Dutch: Vintage.
Turin: So are my balls. But that don't buy me dinner.

Turin: This is a relationship business. As in if you want to do business with me, we need to have a relationship.
Dutch: Sorry. I'm not a relationship type of person.