A Traitor Among Them - Killjoys
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The Lady is trying to torture Jaq's location out of Dutch by threatening Johnny. Khlyen releases D'avin, who frees Johnny. They rescue Dutch. The Killjoys escape in Lucy while Khlyen covers for them. Johnny is studying the specimen of fried hatchling which Dutch grabbed on the way out. D'av wants to pick up Jaq while Dutch wants to destroy the terraforming effort on Westerley. D'av agrees to go to Westerley first. Dutch suspects The Lady may have transferred into D'av's body. Someone is sabotaging Lucy. Dutch tells Johnny her concern about D'av. To test him, Johnny and Dutch are going to have him space walk to help repair Lucy. Dutch pushes D'av into an airlock. He tells her that Khylen freed him and told him to protect Jaq from The Lady. Johnny discovers that all of them have the same transfer port on their bodies. So The Lady could be in any of them or none of them. Johnny frees D'av, who disarms both of them and points a gun at them. Lucy suggests comparing their EEGs to their records on file. Dutch's results don't match and she runs. Dutch has them all strip naked. Dutch thinks Lucy may have been corrupted by The Lady. While D'av guards Dutch, Johnny checks Lucy's logs for unusual activity. Lucy senses what they are up to and knocks out D'av and Dutch. Johnny temporarily detaches Lucy's processor. Lucy manifests a robot body and gives Johnny the results of the specimen scan. The specimen was likely a clone. Lucy has Johnny wipe her programming, to eliminate the Lady's virus. They need to find The Lady's original body, from which the clones are being made. An armada ship has been following them. Dutch convinces them to surrender so they can find The Lady's body.

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

The Lady: Human bodies. So fragile.
Dutch: Alien bitches. So boring.

Always with the shitty tea. Why doesn't anyone offer me coffee?