Making Acquaintances - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4
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The Killjoys are already planning their escape from Herks Supermax Prison. Dutch tries to break free but is tasered and sent to solitary while Johnny and D'avin get sent to the warden. They get nowhere trying to persuade her that they're falsely imprisoned. The Lady's plan is that Jaq will come to rescue them. Zephyr returns to her lab although she doesn't remember it. A recording she made catches up Zeph. She injects herself and her memories return. Dutch is in solitary next to Coren Jeers, a prisoner that she put away. Zeph injects Turin, then Pree. D'av has been sent to the psych ward. Johnny steals a guard's monitor and re-creates Lucy. Johnny slips a spoon to Dutch. Johnny gets D'avin electroshock therapy. Dutch knocks out the guard and uses his thumbprint on a spoon to unlock her door, just as Johnny rolls by with a laundry cart for transportation. Next, they break out D'av. They discover they're on a prison ship. They get recaptured. The warden tells them she's being paid to keep one of them alive. She makes a deal with them: figure out who is planning a hit on a powerful inmate, Sparlow, in exchange for better accommodations. Dutch gets in to see Sparlow with fresh fruit. Coren exposes them as Killjoys, but riot protocol shocks everyone unconscious. Dutch convinces the warden she can stop the hit. The Lady is using the Black Root ships to seed the clouds to make the rain. Calvert from the psych ward is the assassin. She has drugged Sparlow's bodyguards through their food. It takes all three Killjoys to stop her. Then Sparlow agreed to give his protection to them. Coren is after Sparlow's turf. Zeph needs to find a way to counteract the rain. She and Turin destroy 30 percent of the fleet. 

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

What'd you do? Steal someone's heart?

Guard [to Dutch]

Dutch: We'll shoot our way out.
Johnny: Brutish. Direct.
D'avin: Suicidal.
Johnny: I was going to say simple. I like it.