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The show starts with Nicky having a welcome breakfast, but things aren't as they seem. The food starts burning, and as Nicky runs into the smoke, she's transported back to the death of Pei-Ling.

It is revealed to be a dream.

Nicky ambushes Evan on his run, but he has no further leads for her about Zhilan.

Nicky arrives home to find her family all in a big rush to get things done, leaving Nicky alone to meditate and focus on herself for a minute.

Nicky goes to Henry at the end of one of his Thai-Chi classes with a new memory that the dream uncovered.

Nicky goes to try on Bridal outfits with Althea, and Althea learns about Nicky's big scar on her shoulder.

Nicky tells her everything, and Althea thinks that Nicky is nuts for trying to track Zhilan. Althea storms out when Nicky assumes that nothing has happened in comparison to life at home.

Jin and Mei-li have a discussion about Nicky, and Mei-li tells him not to be too hopeful about Nicky staying around.

Nicky arrives at a park, and decides to train for the first time that shes been home. As she trains, she has flashbacks to her battle with Zhilan.

Nicky sees a man harrassing a woman, and steps in and beats the guy up. The woman runs away when she's safe, but drops her wallet.

Nicky looks through her sketches, which bring back old memories.

Nicky tells Evan about what happened at the park, and Evan is less than pleased with the details.

Evan and Mei-Li are on great terms, which really weirds Nicky out.

Nicky and Henry start their research session at the library. Nicky decides to ignore the phone call from Evan's detective friend and looks for the girl form the park herself.

Nicky finds the girl, but she runs, then points the gun she took from the man at the park at Nicky.

Nicky talks her downm and gets the gun from her which she puts in her purse.

Nicky learns that the girl's mom is in deep trouble with her abusive boyfriend. The girl reveals that he is stealing from the mom, and the boyfriend threw her out.

Nicky takes the girl home with her, where Althea is angry that Nicky is late for the cake tasting.

The girl, Rhonda, takes Nicky to her mom's boyfriend's apartment. The boyfriend arrives home unexpetantly, which causes a tense confrontation that Nicky handles with ease.

Her pre-law training and kung fu come in handy.

Nicky forgot to meet her dad at night, and finds him asleep on the couch. Mei-Li confronts Nicky about leaving and about how her father Jin waited for her. Every day when she was gone.

Nicky gets a call from Rhonda that the boyfriend took everything before her mom could sign the Power of Attorney forms.

Rhonda's mom reveals that he gambles, terribly, and that there will be no money for the morning.

Nicky calls Althea and asks her to hack the boyfriends computer. Althea manages to get the password to the computer with ease.

Nicky finds that there is a game tonight, including an address and security code, and she goes to get the money back herself.

Nicky arrives at the game and gets no help from the security guards, so she results in using her kung fu skills to her way.

She beats the guards up with ease, and threatens the boyfriend with the cops and her abilites as well. She gets the money from the runner of the game, and leaves the gambling hall.

Nicky arrives home and is tired. She meditaes and sees her spirit guide, Pei-Ling. Pei-Ling offers her words of wisdom as she meditates, which helps clear Nicky's mind.

Nicky is waiting for her father in the morning to make up their game she missed last night. Mei-Li is very happy.

Nicky finally convinces her father to go to the clinic for Ryan to check him out.

Evan has information about Zhilan, and it's revealed that Pei-Ling and Zhilan were sisters.

Nicky surmises based on Henry's info that Pei-Ling and Zhilan's family most likely were the sword guardian family.

Zhilan is in Singapore, and approaches the man that Henry found as a possible lead, and Zhilan has an evil look on her face that implies that this isn't a friendly meeting.

Kung Fu
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Althea: I should've known there was more to the story.
Nicky: I'm sorry. Today was supposed to be about you! Picking out dresses.
Althea: Ugh. If anything had happened to you! Why didn't you tell us?
Nicky: I couldn't! How do you think mom would've taken it?
Althea: Really bad!

Mei-Li: He waited for you.
Nicky: I know mama, I just forgot, that's all.
Mei-Li: I didn't just mean tonight.