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Ty suggests Eve make a decision soon.

Izzy insists on coming with her family on this mission.

Lucas tries to get Scott to talk to him.

Gavin tries to talk to Eve about Izzy and Levi.

The group runs into Virgil and spies on the Exiles and the prisoners. They split into two groups, one to save the prisoners and one to find the black rocks.

Josh tells Dr. Clark she can't interfere with Isaiah's adoption, or he won't exist.

Gavin and his team fall into a booby trap filled with spiders. They find another clean part of the cave.

Paara takes care of Ty in her village.

Izzy confronts her parents about the family issues. She defends her dad and his visions.

Scott confides in Lucas why he uses vape as a crutch. His brother died, and he couldn't save him.

Sam suggests they attack the guards and steal their clothes.

Lucas charges at the prisoners and yells for Scott to help. Soon, the Exiles are chasing both of them until Paara shoots an arrow at them.

Taamet stops Gavin, inspects the wagon, and lets them go.

Another Exile tells Taamet they found guards tied up.

The Exiles catch up to Gavin and his crew. A fight ensues. As things look bad, Levi arrives and attacks the man who has Eve. Gavin looks mad.

Paara hesitates to shoot Taamet.

Josh and Riley see Dr. Clark introduce Isaiah to the Harrises. Later, Josh reassures her they did a great job raising him.

Paara and Ty return as the others are dealing with the Exiles. They tell them Taamet escaped and he was Paara's ex-husband.

Things are awkward with Gavin and Eve. They see the glass tower.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Izzy: I’m coming with you. We’re staying together. End of discussion.
Eve: If we allow us, you have to promise to do everything we say.
Gavin: No exceptions.

Gavin: We just have to trust that the information she gave us is good.
Sam: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s gather everyone and get going.