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Eve and Izzy are happy to be reunited.

Scott insists that Rebecca will only meet with Gavin. Eve doesn't trust her.

Scott tells Gavin there is a portal inside the tower that can go to the future.

Lucas and Veronica overhear Joseph declaring war on the clearing. Sam is angry they stole food and brought this on them.

Scott and Gavin find Rebecca. She explains the importance of reaching the tower.

The trio runs into Paara, who warns them of Joseph attacking the clearing.

Ty is getting worse. He runs into an old friend.

Izzy thinks her parents treat her differently because of her leg.

Paara runs in and stops Joseph's attack.

A bunch of angry wolves attack. Everyone takes cover. The wolves bite Rebecca and Joseph.

Eve and Levi fix up Joseph.

Veronica has a panic attack, and Ella keeps her calm.

Gavin tends to Rebecca. The wolves are on the bus's roof and have torn off a screw.

Dr. Clark doesn't believe Riley's claims, but her assistant does.

As the wolves attack the bus, Sam sprays one with a fire extinguisher, but it only moves to the window. Gavin gets to the bus.

Eve hit the fire with an arrow, and the wolves were distracted and left.

Rebecca has lost a lot of blood. Paara and the clearing pull a truce. Eve saved Joseph.

Eve tells Izzy about her affair.

Eve tells Izzy about her and Levi. She promises they'll always be a family.

Ty has hallucinated Anthony. Paara finds him. They reunite.

As Dr. Clark reveals she's Isaiah's mom, Rebecca tells Gavin his mom's name is Caroline, and she was in 1988. Rebecca dies.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Eve: I don’t trust her.
Gavin: Do you trust me?
Eve: Yeah.

Veronica, I came here to help you because I love you and want to have a relationship with you.