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Everyone runs from the burning building. Izzy makes the others save Levi. Gavin grieves losing their way home.

Sam wants leadership in the clearing, and Gavin tries to adapt.

Ty and Levi fight about Levi destroying the building since Ty no longer has his meds.

Lucas practices his speech and wants to make a difference.

Silas tells Gavin about another portal.Gavin tells everyone there is another portal, and Veronica found the coordinates.

Levi only agrees to help Kira if she gets him Ty's cancer meds. Silas catches Levi digging up the box and wants in.

Riley finds divorce papers in Sam's bag, but he won't talk about it.

Silas wants revenge on Kira for killing Caroline. He agrees on justice and helping Ty.

Veronica has been feeling sick and stole a pregnancy test from Riley's bag. Riley encourages her to take it and talk to Lucas. Lucas wants to live in 10,000 BC.

There are a bunch of dead bodies at this campsite and a map in a locked box.

Izzy finds a group of red-flowered trees they need to pass through to get to the cave. The groups split up.

The group finds a young girl hiding at the campsite. Scott tries to make her feel at ease since he speaks German. She draws a dinosaur on a rock. Eve and Riley rush to warn the others.

Levi meets Kira. As she tries to escape with Dr. Moore's box and shoot him, Paara and the others arrive to save him. Paara and Ty thank both Silas and Levi.

A huge lizard attacks Gavin, and he lands on the red flowers, which pierce him more.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

What do you think our taxes will be? Three oranges? A basket of fish?


Levi: Save yourselves. Leave me. Get out of here.
Izzy: Dad, we can’t. We have to help him.