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It is Halloween, and the Baxters are celebrating with pranks. Vaness and Mike try to pull off elaborate pranks, while Kristin, Ryan, Kyle, and Mandy attempt a seance.

Vaness is determined to be the prank queen after Mandy tells her she is terrible at pranks. 

While installing a new security system at Outdoor Man, Mike and Chuck decide to pull a prank on Joe. He is working on his car when they convince him the store has a ghost.

When Joe appears to have a heart attack, Chuck tries to save him and learns the prank is on him. Mike used the fake prank on Joe to set up a real prank on Chuck. 

The joke does not sit well with Chuck, who leaves. Mike goes to Chuck's house to make amends.

Mike is forced to admit to Chuck that he is his best friend to gain Chuck's forgiveness. Little does he know the whole thing was planned by Chuck and Vanessa who were pranking Mike.

They used Mike's own prank to get the best of him, but Mike leaves them wondering if it all wasn't part of his prank.

A female cop shows up at Kyle's trailer telling Kristin, Ryan, Kyle, and Mandy they are trespassing. She asks for ID, which they all left in Kyle's car. Mandy thinks it is Vanessa trying to prank them. It was not.

At the Baxter's Vanessa thinks the female cop is fake too and thinks the kids are pranking her. After she denies knowing them, the kids laid in jail where Kyle realizes he had his Id all along. 


Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Vanessa: Stick around this might be the year I pull off the greatest prank ever!
Mandy: Oh, we can't. We are taking Kristin and Ryan to the creepy abandoned trailer Kyle inherited from his mom. We are having a seance.
Kyle: Yeah, I just hope we don't conjure up my mom. Even as a ghost, she will probably still ask for beer money.

Chuck: Hey Baxter, I thought we were alone. There is something moving down there, and it is coming up the stairs.
Mike: Didn't we agree that we weren't going to prank each other?
Chuck: No, no, it is not a prank. Whatever it is, it is big and has a giant head.
Joe walks in: Hey guys what is up.
Mike: What are you doing here Joe. Everyone else left hours ago to go be with their families.
Joe: I am no going home. I hate Halloween.
Chuck: Really? I love it!
Joe: Yeah, you know who else loves it?
Mike: The kids?
Joe: Satan! I am serious. Demons and hellspawn get to freely roam the earth one night of the year, and I am supposed to open the door and give them a bonbon?