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Mike comes up with a plan to save Outdoor Man from a corporate takeover. However, Ed has another idea. He wants to sell the company causing a frenzy.

To appeal to Ed, Mike uses his blog to discuss how the people of Outdoor Man are what makes the company so special. He then takes Ed on a walk through the store pointing out why various employees need their jobs.

When Mike reveals that a large number of Outdoor Man employees could lose their jobs, Ed agrees not to sell. Instead, he is going to retire and have Mike run the company on his own.

Mike struggles with Ed's retirement news and tries one last attempt to get his partner to stay. Ed realizes what Mike is really afraid of is losing their friendship. After reassuring his friend they will always be pals, Ed retires, and Mike takes over Outdoor Man.

Vanessa thinks Mandy is pregnant. When she discovers Mandy is not, Vanessa also learns her daughter is not ready to start a family but has not told Kyle.

Thanks to her heart to heart with Vanessa, Mandy agrees to come clean with Kyle. However, Kyle has news of his own. He has a low sperm count, so starting a family might be difficult.

Kyle thinks Mandy is lying about not wanting to start a family to make him feel better. Despite her best efforts to convince him otherwise, he won't listen. She gives up and lets her husband think he is right. The two discuss ways Kyle can increase his sperm count.

Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Mandy: Kyle, I thought you were going to hide these?
Kylie: I did. under the bed in a box marked. "nothing in here."
Vanessa: Oh, honey, I am so happy for you.
Mandy: Oh, mom, mom; I’m not pregnant. Kyle jumped the gun on the t-shirts.
Vanessa: Oh ok. So maybe you are trying?
Kyle: Like crazy!
Eve: Eww.
Mandy: Kyle!
Kyle: Sorry; I meant we’re mating.

Kristen: Dad, the entire kitchen staff is freaking out, and they all have knives.
Joe: Hey where is Kyle? He comes in with you. He’s been fired, hasn’t he? It’s happening people! It’s happening already!
Mike: Alright, alright calm down nothing is happening. Kyle took a personal day off. Look, Arvo Industries can smash Ted Tacklebox all they want. They can’t smash this store. Do you understand that? I am not worried. Don’t be worried. Come on back to work.
Kirsten: Thanks, Dad. We all needed to hear that.
Mike: Yeah, I think we’re screwed.