Det. Stabler Returns - Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Stabler shows up and talks to some suspects in Russian about Sasha's death then says in English they're all dead men as he's dragged away.

Stabler gets dressed down by his boss who says he can't do whatever he wants anymore. He could have destroyed the whole system.

He meets Benson in the snow. She gives him all her notes. He says he's still on the case at the moment. He talks about Eli loves soccer and isn't used to snow. She would have loved his apartment. She says I can't do this. She goes back to the case. They found a burner cell that needs to be cracked. Elliot thanks her again. He says he wrote something for her awards ceremony and wants to give it to her. Noah runs up to her and she leaves with him. Elliot watches them go.

Elliot calls someone. He is trying to find a hacker. He wants the hacker to break into that burner phone. She is an artist with a piece called We Have Nothing But Thoughts and Memories Between Us.

The subject went to a lot of Starbucks shops and a Subway. They find he went somewhere where there was a bust for a rave that didn't follow COVID protocols. Elliot wants to investigate.

Elliot arrives at an abandoned warehouse where a bunch of Black kids are scared of him. Elliot kicks them all out so they can do a search. The kids leave and Elliot and what looks like a SWAT team  bust in. They find some stuff written in Italian hidden under a sink. They also find an Italian ID with Stabler's photo on it.

A guy gives Stabler his word he will look into all of this. Stabler says the counterfeit documents match some found in another bust where the mob was moving PPE and ventilators. Elliot is in a rush to question someone. His boss says slow your roll. One of the people working with Stabler finds it odd that a Black drug dealer was working with a mob run by a white supremacist. She shows video.

Stbaler watches a college class in higher math/physics. They want to talk to Wheatley's mother, who is not really interested in talking. Her son died. That's it. Stabler gets her to talk a little bit and she says her ex was an addict who is dead. The only thing he gave her son was the genetic predisposition to substance abuse. Stabler asks her how long does the grief process take?

Stabler makes dinner plans and looks at photos of him and Kathy. His other phone rings.

Stabler and his partner talk to a witness in prison who is sarcastic and uncooperative. They suggest perhaps a transfer if he gives a message to Mrs. Sinatra.

Stabler goes to see his family. After a tense discussion he says they are not leaving NY. Eli runs away.

There is a funeral for Kathy. Stabler's family and Benson. They all stand silently grieving. Eli has the hardest time. He cries and Stabler hugs him.

Benson hugs Stabler's children. Stabler thanks her for coming. She walks away. Stabler gets a call and says to Eli to go with Maureen and everyone start dinner without him.

Stabler meets a mob guy who wants to know what he's doing here. Stabler shows him the fake ID. The mob guy claims not to know anything about anything and says if he wanted Stabler dead, he'd be dead.

Stabler's partner talks to his dad who goes on about wine. His own father (the mob boss from before) is here. He insults his grandchildren. His son throws him out but his wife comes in and is nice to him. After she leaves Richard says that he used the warehouse for a legit business. They argue and then Richard kicks the mob boss out.

Stabler's boss says he's not in charge of this mission. The Black woman from the beginning of the episode greets Stabler.

The woman doesn't like Stabler. She wants to know what he said to Wheatly. He says does that mean I'm on your task force?

They meet at the Met and he talks about going to museums with Kathy. So why did she take a chance on him? She says she's been looking into Sinatra's son for two years. She can't prove he's a major drug trafficker. He goes by the name Ricahrd Wheatley and endowed this exhibit.

Stabler talks to Wheatley and questions her about her ex. Two people on a motorcycle start speeding away. Stabler gives chase and takes ot his gun but can't make himself shoot. They get away.

Stabler brings a box to the new office. She wants him to be careful and methodical. Anyway who was the hit on? Him or Angela Wheatley? He says could be either. Anyway his new boss says the priority is to bust the drug cartel, not catch Kathy's killer. Stabler says he understands. So far he is the whole task force. He says he can give her the name of the best hacker he ever worked with. He is distracted by a message saying "I know who killed your wife. meet at 9 pm.

It is 8:41 as Stabler is driving.

Meanwhile Richard tells his father to ride the Ferris Wheel. Sinatra wants to go into business with him. Richard thinks Sinatra wants to turn him over to the cops. Sinatra denies it and says he's trying to protect him.  He doesn't understand why Richard wanted to mix with other races. The wheel stops at the top. Sinatra seems nervous. He apologizes for the past, for what he said about his grandchildren. Richard says he can't forgive him for that.

Stabler shows up and finds Sinatra dead. He takes a picture.

Richard comes home and finds Angela there. She tells hum he doesn't need to send his goons. He's reckless. He tells her not to talk to him like that in his own house. They almost kiss before he walks off.

Stabler makes an anonymous call. He runs into Benson and she asks what happened, is he okay? She's here because she read his letter. He wants to but he can't right now. He has to go.


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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mob Boss: Why am I here?
Stabler: You know why I'm dressed like this? I just buried my wife.

Criminal: Say I was able to get a message to Mrs. Sinatra. What would I tell her?
Stabler: What happened in Puglisia didn't stay in Puglisia