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Stabler meets Bell who says an unidentified body was found and they were called in. They go to the Wonder Wheel where Stabler sees the shell casing and realizes the gun was hand-loaded.

Meanwhile, Richard is at dinner with some potential clients when Angie calls. He pretends to be shocked and upset that his father is dead. He tells his current wife he'll explain later. Back to business: he's having a vaccination party on Wednesday.

Two truck drivers become the victims of some robbers who shoot them dead and steal COVID vaccine from the back of the truck.

One of the drivers has survived and gives a description. Bell notes that the shooter applied a tourniquet. Stabler thinks he was shot as a warning. Meanwhile, there's a bigger problem: the stolen vaccines will go bad within a few hours if not stored properly.

Stabler calls Benson and leaves a message asking her not to tell anyone what she saw last night til he can explain. Bell introduces him to Morales, a new guy on their team.

Bell calls a meeting. Time to fill them in on what she knows about Richard Wheatley. He's a hacker and drug dealer who manufactures custom made dangerous drugs. Stabler would like an introduction to this very bad man.

There is a confrontation outside Wheatley's place of business where Stabler point blank accuses Wheatly of both jacking the truck and killing his father. (Did he tip his hand too early?) Wheatley says he has to bury his father and goes.

The detectives, including Bell's old partner Washburn, discover Richard owns a company called Nitro Nibbles. And one of their trucks is seen in security footage. It has freezer capabilities! We see someone putting the vaccine into a freezer in the truck.

The team doesn't have enough for a warrant, supposedly. The hacker has found social media photos of company employees. There is a picture of the vaccines in the background. Enough for a raid! But the truck is empty -- clearly someone tipped the bad guys off.

Benson and Stabler meet in her car after Benson drops Noah off at school. Benson is worried about Stabler. She thinks he has PTSD and is worried he may be involved with what happened to Sinatra. Stabler is touched by her concern but wants her to back off.

Later, Stabler is set up with a dating profile so he can meet the rich women who are getting vaccine illegally. He is not keen on this idea. Meanwhile, Washburn finds out the mob is having a meeting about who should replace Sinatra as head of the family.

Richard strolls into the meeting while two guys are arguing. He says he doesn't want to be part of the family business but just came here to make a proposal.

Stabler tells Bell he doesn't trust Washburn but she doesn't agree.

He stops Richie from flirting with some cocktail waitress and they leave. Richie suggests that Richard have the mob do the grunt work while he gets all the money in an encrypted account. Richard likes the idea.

Meanwhile, Bell says they have gotten a warrant for Richard's office only and only three days to get something on the wiretap or they will be shut down.

Stabler has a weird encounter with a woman he's supposed to be dating. He comes right out and tells her he's a cop. She hates him. He tells her that the vaccine she's getting is supposed to go to vulnerable people. It isn't right. She gives him her doctor's name and her phone number. He tells her she's attractive but no. She's insulted until he tells her he just lost his wife. She hugs him.

At the vaccination party, Richie starts talking to Washburn. Richard tells Dana to handle her brother. Dana drags Richie away and says not to say he was related to Sinatra. Richie is proud of who his grandfather was. Dana tells him that Pop-Pop was a racist, misogynist, and thug and the world is better off without him. She says that he never loved them because they are black. Race came before family for him and Richie should remember that.

Meanwhile, the cops place the bug in Richard's office.

Eli is half asleep, watching some video in Italian, when Stabler starts screaming in his sleep about Kathy. Eli wakes his dad up. Stabler jumps up, startled. Eli tells him he was having a nightmare. Stabler hopes he didn't freak Eli out. Eli says he's okay and leaves. Stabler cries.

Later, Stabler poses as a patient and gets photos of the vials of COVID vaccine. The doctor is arrested, as are a bunch of patients who complain they've been waiting all morning for their shots.

Stabler and Bell go to dinner. Stabler starts to confess that he found Sinatra's body. Bell doesn't want to hear it. If he took Sinatra's cell phone she would have to arrest him but she hopes that if he did he gave it to the hacker to get info of off.

That night, Stabler is coming home and he sees a gunman approach Eli. He sends Eli inside and tries to fight the gunman. Another guy jumps out of a truck. They beat up Stabler and he sees their gun but they don't shoot him. They take off and leave him on the sidewalk.




Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Angie: [on phone] The police just left your house. Your father was murdered.
Richard: Oh no. Thanks for telling me. [hangs up]
Richard's wife: What did she want?
Richard: I'll tell you about it on the way home. [to group] As I was saying, I have a shipment coming. Come over Wednesday night. We're having a vaccination party for family and close friends.

Stabler: One shell was recovered?
Cop: It's close. Only takes one.
[Stabler checks out the shell on the ground.]
Stabler: Hand-loaded casing. Usually guys who pack their own ammo are either specially trained military or fanatic gun nuts.
Bell: Or both.