Defending Their Actions - Law & Order: Organized Crime
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FBI has no info about McClane and Wheatley's escape. Jett says power was cut from outside the building. Nothing is known about the helicopter. This building is all pre-sold units.

Stabler and the team tour a secure building. Jett realizes the intruder detection service was interrupted by the power outage, though the FBI denies it and is rude to Jett on top of it.

Later, Jett realizes Wheatley used McClane to hack the system.

Stabler's doorbell rings and no one is willing to answer. It's an old man who has a rose for Bernadette. Eli knows all about her. Elliot does not.

Later, Bell tells Stabler they need to leave a meeting intact. They are questioned about what happened with McClane's disappearance. Stabler tells them that Wheatley was involved and the power failure stopped them from arresting Wheatley and McClane.

Stabler gets into it with the committee, which doesn't believe Wheatley was really there because Bell didn't see him. Stabler insists Wheatley is behind everything starting with McClane's escape.

Adam is back. Anyway, the manhunt is officially for McClane. Stabler says McClane visited Angela, but since McClane is federal they will have a hard time getting a warrant, and Cho and Maldonado must go undercover as a married couple in the same building. They spy on Angela and Wheatley having dinner and seemingly a romantic time. Wheatley gives Angela a bracelet. He wants to buy her the world.

Angela pulls away from Wheatley's kiss. He says whoever she is with, it ends right now. He can't tolerate it. He has a knife and puts it against her throat. Stabler is sure Wheatley won't hurt Angela.

Wheatley is envious of MCClane's code. McClane is inflating stocks and claims some 1s at the end of the code are nothing. This will make Wheatley rich. Wheatley says this is about respect. However, McClane rejects Wheatley's offer of friendship and riches.

Miles comes to see Bernadette again. He has a quote for her too. Bernadette invites him in for coffee. Elliot is there and invites him in. Stabler interrogates Miles, who claims not to have connections to the mob. Elliot has to go.

Stabler asks Cho to get Angela's underwear for him but Cho says she can't do that. Meanwhile Bell is going on a lunch date with Denise for her anniversary. Also, Malondolo will do as Stabler asked.

Nova shows up at the lunch along with Kilbride. Garcia apologizes for co-opting the lunch. Denise will be here when they're finished. They want to talk to her about Stabler's obsession with Wheatley. Bell defends Stabler. Kilbride insists Stabler has a vendetta against Wheatley.

Later, Bell complains to Nova it was an ambush. She wants to pull Nova out. Nova insists Kilbride trusts her. Bell doesn't want to listen to her. Nova says Stabler's undercover behavior is in his DNA now.

Dow has had the biggest drop in history. The market is in chaos. Jett suggests arresting Wheatley and perp walking him down Wall Sttreet. Adam suggests a rainbow table. He explains how if you want to hack into someone's passwords you need to collect info and look for a pattern. Bell agrees to give Jett and Adam access tot info. Bell will not give Stabler a minute.

Wheatley comes looking for Angela. He breaks into her computer. Cho and Moldonado spy. Wheatley finds a photo of a half-naked Elliot and is mad.

Angela comes home. Wheatley has a suit for Angela for her job interview. She says if she gets this job they can have a proper celebration. Wheatley says looking forward.

Moldonado wants to revoke the photo of Stabler. Cho disapproves.

Wheatley spies as Angela meets with Stabler.  Angela asks what this is. Stabler says he's pretending to be in love with her. Angela asks why. Stabler doesn't tell her. He says they should admit they can't trust each other. He doesn't care if she's with Richard or not because he assumes she's lying to him. He takes her hand for Wheatley's benefit.

Richard shows up at Angela's job interview and rambles. Angela says he is having a psychotic breakdown and walks him off.

Brewster warns Bell that he has gotten a lot of heat and will have to take away Stabler's gun and badge if he doesn't back off.

Wheatley kidnaps Angela. He is totally out of it and gets nuts when McClane tries to help Angela up. He demands of a blindfolded Angela if she is sleeping with Stabler. She won't answer either way. Then says she's not. She says Stabler tried to warn her that she was in danger from Wheatley but she knows that's absurd. Wheatley says he would never hurt Angela. He tells McClane he loves and needs Angela. McClane wants to leave and dares Richard to kill him. Angela stops Wheatley from doing it. She wants to know what McClane got and calls him an exceptional person. She wonders how much Wheatley got. Wheatley is poised to. Angela offers to hide his money. Wheatley comes on to her. She tells him to let McClane go so they can be alone. McClane leaves.

Jett and Adam are exhausted after an all night hunt that got them nowhere. Jett has a realization and runs to her computer. She's got it and doesn't want to admit that the password was the date Kathy died. Stabler walks off upset.

Miles is working for Wheatley!

Stabler beats up Wheatley in the elevator and gloats that he was with Angela. Wheatley is ready to fight to the death. Stabler gets the upper hand and beats Wheatley up pretty good. Stabler's phone rings. Bell tells him that they have a warrant for Wheatley's place. Stabler says he has Wheatley. Bell orders him to let Wheatley go. Stabler and Wheatley have to get one last dig in at each other before Stabler goes.

When Stabler returns, Bell calls him in. She says he's letting Wheatley get the better of him. She can''t lie to back him up and she wants him to stand down. She says Brewster came to see her.  Stabler says this is what Wheatley wants. He needs her to buy him some time.

McClane has called and wants to talk to Stabler. He wants to give Stabler Wheatley. He left behind digital dust on all the transactions he made. The signatures will trace back to Wheatley, proving fraud. However, McClane won't turn himself in. He suggests they stay focused on Wheatley and disappears.

Stabler has his psych eval. The psychiatrist asks stupid questions about what obsession is. Stabler says he is relentlessly determined to guard against justice being blind. His phone rings and he turns it off.  Stabler talks about faith requiring a call to duty. Stabler asks him for two days to prove that Wheatley is up to no good.


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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Bell: These guys will never acknowledge the possibility since it'll cause a panic in the markets.
Stabler: Imagine the panic when it turns out to be true.

I think they're hiding what they don't know yet what they're hiding.