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Stabler is standing alone in a parking lot with a gun. He goes up to a camper and quietly opens it. He asks why the Albanian mob boss is there. Albi wants to go for a drive.

The Marcy Killers attack a guy and try to bite off his ear. They torment everyone in the place and demand a crate be opened.

Albi does a line of coke but Stabler says he has a lousy ticker and can't have any. Albi doesn't trust him because he is an outsider. In his cultura we take an oath to protect our people by any means necessary. Stabler says he never ratted anyone out and never cheated a partner. That's his oath.

The girl from the Marcy Killers pulls a machine gun on Stabler and Albi. Stabler pulls a handgun on her. Albi tells her to put her gun down.

The men cut off a dead guy's finger and want Stabler to burn the whole place down when they're done with what they're doing. They leave and Stabler pours gasoline everywhere and torches the place.

Stabler comes in. Brewster is worried about him being seen. Stabler tells Bell about last night's murders. Bell says they have to figure out the KO and Marcy Killer alliance. Brewster thinks it's about territory. Bell isn't sure. She wants to try to flip the girl, Nova. Brewster wants to try to get a guy who can lead them to the Costa organization. Bell vetoes that. She's playing the long game.

Nova has bought a nail salon for her pregnant girlfriend. Her girlfriend is shocked and excited.

Reggie flirts with the waitress. The girl is foreign and doesn't know what a Monte Cristo is. Meanwhile Reggie sends a text to his mom about a plumber. Stabler tells a fake story about his mom dying while he was in jail. Reggie says they gotta go without their food and that it's all free. Don't leave a tip either.

The mob wants Stabler to see if a fire was set on purpose. When the manager of the place argues too much, Albi shoots him.

In confession, Stabler says he killed a man and if he hadn't hesitated it wouldn't have happened. He had to prove his loyalty. Bell says he was in a tough place. Does he remember what he said when Gina died? She can get Stabler off the case but he says no.

Brewster and Bell talk to the owner of the bagel shop who says that they were always being shaken down for protection money. THe Albanians are nuts and destroyed everything they worked for.

Jett has gotten fingerprints back from the tips. Bell says that the KO and Marcy Killers are going after the Italians now that Sinatra is dead and they are weak.

Stabler's mother tells a little  boy not to give ducks bread instead of grapes. She says it's junk food. She slaps the kid and calls him Elliot. The kid's mother tells a cop who arrests her. She freaks out in the cell insisting it was all a mistake and she needs Stabler until Bell comes to get her.

Mother doesn't recognize Stabler til he tells her who he is. She asks why he is hiding. He says the beard is for work. She says I mean why did you disappear? He says that they visited four times.  She says she remembers now. She forgot that Kathy was dead. She was going to go to the funeral and she wasn't sure what happened. Stabler asks if she was taking her meds. She changed her pills.  She seems to think Olivia was the one who died.

Stabler takes his mother home. Her place is untidy and full of stray cats. Stabler and Kathleen whisper about the caretaker Mom used to have. Mother fired the caretaker and accuses Elliot of trying to control her. Stabler wants to take her to the hospital. She refuses to go to the "nuthouse". She insists they are not qualified and no good. She's not going back. She'd rather die. She admits that every time she thinks she's got it under control she gets worse again. She's 82 and doesn't know how to live. Stabler insists she come stay with him and the kids.

Bell and her wife discuss a settlement offer. Her wife isn't interested.  Bell says it could get ugly. They'll make the boy out to be a criminal who deserved what he got. Her wife thinks Bell is just covering her own ass.

Nova's girlfriend is excited about her nails and about going to see Hamilton. Nova says they have to make a quick stop.

Stabler and Reggie go back to the restaurant. They are meeting Nova. Some guy says he knows Stabler.

Nova goes to meet the guys but someone shoots and Nova and her girlfriend are hit. Stabler and REggie have covered the waitress, but Penda appears to be dead.

Bell and Jett apprehend Nova a little while later. They tell her that they know she lost Penda. Nova doesn't trust Bell. She figures Bell just wants a notch on her belt.  She's not a snitch and isn't going to talk. Bell gives her her card anyway. Nova throws the card away.

Brewster yells at Stabler that he shouldn't have missed the fact that there was going to be a hit. Stabler says he knows what's going on with the KO but not with the Italians. Nova shows up in the middle of the argument. Brewster says he warned her about the girl. Nova says she loved her. Turns out Nova works for Brewster.

Bell is furious. How dare Brewster not tell her. This is a joint task force. Bell's boss takes Brewster's side. Brewster insists that Bell let her UC die as well as Morales. Bell says she can't work with someone she can't trust and storms out.

The mob isn't happy to go to Staten Island. Albi tells them to cut it out. They are invited guests and can bring a handgun but there is to be no shooting.

Nova is angry that Lt Mennick won't call Penda by her name. Meanwhile, the Albanians are on the move so Stabler has to go.

The mobs meet each at a gas station. Costa says he owns the streets, Mario argues with him. The Albanians show up and a lot of guns are pulled out. Stabler has one of the big guns and says no more negotiation. Everyone go home or he will kill them all.  Mario and his people leave. Costa laughs as they all leave.

Stabler attends a party with the KO that includes a flaming triple layer cake. A girl sits on his lap and kisses him while the others laugh and cheer.. Stabler freezes and seems out of it. He staggers out and Costa brings him back in and says he knows who he is. He has a lot of balls. He gives him a burner to stay in touch. Reggie asks if he is all right and then everyone laughs.  The KO says he's in the family now.

Stabler staggers out and into a fancy hotel, where he knocks on a door. Benson is there. He tells her he was drugged and that he needs her to let him in.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Reggie: When you're with the KO, you get free food. You're with me, you're with the KO.
Stabler: I'll just leave a tip.
Reggie: We don't do that.

Bell: When Gina died, remember what you told me? You said sometimes we lose a few to save a lot.
Stabler: I don't know if I still believe that.
Bell: Neither do I, but sometimes we have to believe that what we're doing is worth doing.