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Whalen walks through some guys with measuring tapes to give everyone Christmas gifts, including Bell, who doesn't know where her new office will be. Stabler comes in and is not interested in her help. They argue and everyone hears.

Silas' lawyer shows up. He will cooperate with them if Teddy is released. The DA will not release Teddy but Silas won't believe that. Silas wants to meet. Bell wants another team to take point as OC is disbanding. Stabler doesn't like that. This will be their last case. Bell calls back and says OC runs point or no deal.

Bell admits she doesn't want the new job. She doesn't know who she is now that Denise is gone. Stabler gets it. He's felt the same way since Kathy died.

The GPS takes them to the parking lot of a warehouse of some sort. They have no cell signal. Bell manages to get through and gets instructions to go through a red door to the third floor. They go in and Silas says follow the music. Eventually, they find him. He notices there's no DA. Bell says she will call the DA when they know what he wants to share.

Silas has recorded conversations and notes about all sorts of corruption in NYC. He wants Teddy out. He is sure anything can be arranged for the right price. Bell says Pearl gave them a lot of intel. Silas says that's nothing compared to what he's offering. He has an MRI showing he has a brain tumor.

They decide to call the DA even though Bell doesn't trust Silas. She calls Jet and tells her to come as well as get the DA. She loses signal.

Stabler notes the security cameras. Silas says this is a place to do business. He says all men choose between being a good father/husband or good at their job. Stabler tells him Pearl is pregnant.

An ADA arrives quickly and is glad to hear there are only two men upstairs. Another guy shows up in a taxi and says he's the DA. Bell tells him to call 911.

Bell rushes to stop the phony DA. Stabler is also fooled by the guy. Bell runs after them but trips on a rotted board and hurts herself.

The real DA can't get a signal to call 911.

Bell limps upstairs. Stabler runs in and whispers to Silas to hide.

The phony DA has a gun too.

Reyes and Jet arrive. Reyes chases the real DA and catches him. He explains how he can't reach 911 just as shots are fired.

Stabler and the phony DA have a gunfight. Jet and Reyes go in too, guns drawn, as Bell and Stabler prepare to leave. The gunfight continues. The phony DA runs out of bullets but attacks Stabler with the spray of a fire extinguisher, then runs. He shoots at Jet. Reyes goes after the phony DA. The whole team reunites and looks for him.   A shelf falls on Reyes who somehow emerges unscathed. Stabler shoots the phony DA and he falls out the window!

Jet is worried about Bell's leg. Meanwhile, Reyes checks out the guy's car and Stabler tries to get a signal so he can get Silas out. Another car comes speeding in and there is more gunfire. Whalen gets hit. Silas doesn't know if the stairs Whalen is in lead here.

Stabler says they aren't getting past all these men. They barricade the door and look at the cameras to find Jamie. Bell says they can't have a shootout in the stairwell when they are outgunned. Jet says they should look for heating ducts and the like. Silas has paper mapa. They find a pump room. Bell insists she's fine despite her bad leg.

Stabler sneaks through a small space to find Whalen. They all go out together while Jet watches on the monitors. The bad guys are looking for them.

One of the mob guys talks to them on the monitor. He wants Silas or they're coming up. They've kidnapped the real DA.

Reyes and Stabler meet on the roof. Still no signal. Stabler throws the phone away.

Jet wants to check on Stabler. Bell says no. She tells Jet she knows she is going to Italy to work with Tia. It's a good move. Jet doesn't want to go.

Stabler returns. He says he threw the phone so it would call 911.

Whalen accuses Silas of setting them up. Stabler informs him they do not negotiate with terrorists. Castillo calls again and puts a gun to the DA's head. Stabler whispers something to Bell.

They pretend to do the exchange but STabler  tricks the bad guys and there is more gunfire.

The cops run to the control room. They have to barricade but the bad guys will eventually break through . They hide the DA.

A bunch of cops show up outside. The bad guys surrender. Reyes tells Stabler that throwing the phone worked. Whalen apologizes to him. Bell realizes they have a hell of a team.

Silas is arrested too and says he is staying alive for his grandson.

Lillian shows up and says Robert gave them a lot of info. Bell says she is not taking the new job. Lillian says she is making a huge mistake. She walks off angry.

Stabler and Bell burun sage to cleanse the area around their desks.





Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Bell: Lord knows the whole time you were here you were doing things behind my back, so you do you, I guess.
Stabler: I've always done everything for the good of this unit. I never abandoned it.
Bell: Abandoned it? I'm doing this for my family. I'd think of all people, you'd understand that.
Stabler: Yeah, well, we're your family too.

Whalen: Merry Christmas.
Reyes: It's three weeks early!