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A man appears to be up to no good, following a woman and refusing to tell his wife what he's up to. He sees the cops and hangs up with his wife. The cops try to pull the woman over that he is following and he hits them and they take off.

Two masked men kidnap Tino's wife.

Stabler has to see a psychiatrist after his 11th shooting. He has to explain why he wants to go back to work. Stabler isn't interested in talking and the psychiatrist eventually gives up but gives him his card before sending him on his way.

Tino calls from jail. Stabler goes to see him and asks the cuffs being removed. Tino says he screwed up. He says he was watching races and some guy paid him to run interference with the cops. He knows the guy who hired him is dealing. He says they kidnapped his wife and he needs Stabler's help.

Bell meets THurmond, her new boss, who wants to be called by his first name. He was so excited to meet her, as her turning down the position gave him a job. He is a fan of hers. HE mentions the department is looking for temp space.

Stabler comes back and meets Ray.

The cops review the case. Might have a connection to South Bronx. Stabler introduces Reyes to his contact. The man shuts down when asked about Tino's wife. He has to protect his own family.

The woman Tino was following is demanding money from a female gang leader, who doesn't want to kill Tino's wife but wants her out of here.

Bell and Jet learn that Tino's wife is being moved in the South Bronx. Stabler and Whalen catch the guy who wanted tou kill Tino's wife but don't find her in the vehicle. The guy has a card that Reyes uses to open a secret compartment that has blood and earbuds on it. The driver is arrested.

Reyes says he only knows one guy who could have built that trap. The contact says he's out of business for two years and didn't build the trap. He doesn't want to snitch on who did.

Tino's wife is screaming as she is brought back to the gang. Chaz got pulled over. They don't want Jefe to know he has been arrested. They need to find another driver.

REyes infiltrates a flag football game  and Stabler confronts the coach who says he didn't do anything illegal. He does work on street racers' cars but doesn't ask questions.

Stabler calls Whalen in. He says Whalen has quite a backstory. He used to race cars. They need a UC to play the part of a race car driver to infilitrate the gang. Whalen says he's ready.  Bell tells him he has little time to prepare.

While watching Whalen, Bell asks Stabler about his therapy.

Nestor seems nervous as he introduces "Kevin" to the gang members. They offer him 20K if he wins the race.

The race begins and the cops show up immediately and arrest everyone, including Whalen, who tries to punch one of them.

Whalen appears to have got the respect of the gang member before being released. Bell is mad. That detective he hit wanted to press charges. Whalen got a number.

Tino's wife has called Tino and said the kidnappers say he has to keep his mouth shut for a few days more. Bell agrees Whalen should callt he number he got and set up a meeting. The guy insists on seeing the license and asking him about his family. He says call your sister Lydia right now or go. The guy wants to know how he got out of jail. Jet calls and pretends to be Whalen's sister, says she won't give him more money. The gangster says first race is free or they hold his sister as colateral.

Stabler has gone back to the psychiatrist. He talks about how he feels like everything is ending all the time. He lost a close friend and partner recently too. Stabler gets a call and has to go.

The detective Whalen hit is the one who prepped the car. He decides to punch Whalen before handing over the keys, to get even.

Whalen starts the assignment.  Some guy tries to pat him down. He says he already did this If boss doesn't trust him he's out. Whalen hears Sharcise crying and hides in a bathroom to report this to Stabler but then says he has to ditch the audio.

The enforcer returns and demands Whalen get out of the bathroom and pats him down. Whalen meets the woman who is giving orders to the gang. She mentions Whalen has no tan lines. She laughs that he thinks the contact is the boss. They're gonna go meet the real boss right now.

Stabler and Bell are on their way in. They see the gang heading out with Whalen.

They have Reyes follow while they rescue Sharice.

Stabler and Bell quickly overpower and arrest two suspects in the warehouse and rescue Sharice.

The gang notices Reyes following and want Whalen to lose him. The guy wants Whalen to pull over. Reyes is determined to follow. Whalen has a time getting the male gang member not to shoot at Reyes. He pulls some move and escapes Reyes.


Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Ray: Pleased to meet you, Detective. I've heard so many wonderful things.
Stabler: Sure you're talking to the right guy?

Psychiatrist: Why do you want to go back to work?
Stabler: I have to provide for my family.
Psychiatrist: Let's talk about your family.
Stabler: Let's not.
Psychiatrist: I understand your wife -
Stabler: What do you need to hear from me?