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A hockey game ends with a last minute miss and a child seems very disappointed. The coach seems to be very down on the kid though the mother is worried.

Later, in the locker room, one of the coaches tells everyone to come to practice ready to work. Some kids gang up on the kid who missed a shot and another kid defends him. Then the child who missed the shot collapses in the parking lot and is bleeding in the rectal area.

Jack claims he doesn't know what happened, doesn't remember, says he fell on the ice. The father comes and the parents start arguing about whether the boy should have been on the team.

In the hall, Jack's friend Kyle arrives and claims that nothing happened in the locker room and the kids are all a team despite having stood up for Jack earlier.

The coach doesn't want to believe it's one of his kids because that would jeopardize their championship chances. Eventually he gives up the names of two wild kids but says it's against their contract so they wouldn't have done anything to Jack.

Rollins finds security footage of two kids running out of the locker room. #9 and #26. Turns out to be the Bash Brothers.

One of the kids claims to have left early because of the loss. The other claims another kid made them do it. Apparently they are blaming Kyle, as Rollins and Sonny show up at his door to take him to the precinct and tell his mom he is under investigation for sexual assault.

The mother doesn't believe it. Kyle looks scared and gets more scared when Sonny threatens to get him kicked off the team. Kyle's father shows up and says he's taking him home and that Kyle is done talking in case he ruins his hockey career. Benson tells Rollins that the hockey sticks were all clean.

At the hospital Jack claims not to know what they're talking about but eventually admits Kyle raped him. The cops go to Kyle's but his brother says Kyle is at the hospital with a broken arm.

Mr. Turner claims Kyle broke his wrist at hockey practice (did he beat him himself?) They talk to the doctor who assumes Kyle was assaulted because his injuries suggest someone twisted his wrist. 

Kyle freaks out when the cops say he needs to come to the station and asks where his dad is. Benson and Carisi confront him. He insists he fell and has not been abused. Benson tells him he may go to prison if he doesn't tell the truth. Turner shows up and tries to intimidate everyone without success (except Kyle looks scared)

Kyle's brother claims to be his best friend and his mom insists they have a great relationship.

Rollins tells Turner to admit to abusing Kyle to lessen his sentence. Turner insists he never touched him physically and goes on and on about how weak the other boys are. They have no choice but to arrest Kyle. Turner thinks this is PC crap. At arraignment Kyle is released to his parents and the DA wants to try him as an adult. Rollins thinks the mother is culpable because she hasn't stopped the abuse.

Jack dies suddenly and the father says he wants Kyle's father to answer for it. He's seen the father abuse and manipulate his boys and blames him for Jack's death.

There is a video that suggests Kyle's dad made him attack Jack. They interview the family and Adam wants Kyle to tell the truth. But Mr. Turner comes home.

Kyle is charged as an adult. When he is released into his parents' custody Adam runs away. He says the cops need to help Kyle. But Kyle won't testify because of his father.

SVU gets a call that Turner beat Adam up badly. SVU has been beaten up so bad that he can't move or talk. Adam says he got the beating on video. Kyle is sobbing. 

Helen is in denial and insists her husband is a good man who loves his sons. She sees his good side and keeps trying to fix things. 

Kyle admits to what happened but he doesn't want his dad to get in trouble. Sonny tells him a story about a kid who bullied him in school and he never told anyone, and the guy is in prison now. 

Benson says Kyle will do less time if he tells the judge the truth (she assumes the judge will believe him).

Only Rollins is aware that Sonny did not make that story up.

Mr. Turner tells Kyle this is just a bump in the road and that he is going to go pro and teach the little brother too. The cops show up and arrest him.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 11 Quotes

Sonny: So your name's Kyle? You're on the White Caps too?
Father: He's the star.
Olivia: So, Kyle, did you see anything unusual in the locker room after the game?
Kyle: No. It was quiet. Everyone just got dressed and went home.
Sonny: Did anyone give Jack a hard time about missing that shot?
Kyle: No. We're a team. Win or lose, we stick together.

Sonny: The victim's name is Jack Wilson. He's 13, he plays for the New York City White Caps.
Olivia: Which is?
Sonny: The best youth hockey program in the state. Now, Jack's team had a game this morning but they lost after he missed a last second shot. His mother noticed he was bleeding in the parking lot after, drove him over here.
Olivia: You talk to the doctor?
Sonny: Yeah. There was tearing in his rectum caused by a blunt instrument like a hockey stick. Sounds like a hazing.
Olivia: No, that sounds like sexual assault.