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A teenager is on his way home after an argument with his dad and can't get ahold of his mother. When he gets home, he hears noises and walks in on her in a compromising position. Naturally he has a rifle so when she screams rape, he shoots and kills the attacker, who turns out to be his best friend.

The teenager, Luke, is shocked that he actually hit the target, and his mother says that he hated guns and didn't like that there was one in the house. She tells a touching story about how Luke couldn't shoot a deer when he went hunting. She also has a bit of a mixed up story about what happened but ultimately she sticks to the idea that the boy, Trey, raped her.

The cops investigate Trey despite his father's anger over it. His father believes Trey is being treated as the bad guy because he is black, and Barba wonders so as well because Dr. Keller said she had a bad feeling about Luke's friend. However, they find photos of Trey and Dr. Keller in compromising positions.

Dr. Keller's lies get more and more ridiculous as she insists that Trey was obsessed and stalking her and she did nothing wrong. When another boy is found to have also been assaulted sexually by her, she tries to pass it off as a fantasy. She is questioned but not arrested. However, when Luke's father tells the detectives that his ex-wife is a narcissist who fooled a judge into granting her custody rather than him, Barba has had enough and tells the cops to arrest Dr. Keller. Naturally they storm into one of her therapy sessions and arrest her in front of a patient.

At trial, things don't go well for Dr. Keller despite the fact that she's hired the obnoxious Buchanan. Luke testifies against her in exchange for immunity, which Buchanan is happy to point out, but Barba questions Dr. Keller about her motives and her interest in Trey. She lies and says Luke masturbated while watching her and Trey have sex. Luke is removed from court and then Keller announces she wants to testify again because she's decided on a new defense.  The judge eventually allows it, and she claims she never cried rape and Luke killed Trey because he was jealous.

Luke's dad runs to Barba and Benson, not knowing what else to do, because Luke suddenly wants to plead guilty to murder, and immunity doesn't apply if he changes his story. Benson talks to Luke and convinces him that he is not a killer.

The next morning Luke testifies and after a lot of hesitation says he heard his mom cry rape. Dr. Keller is found guilty and starts yelling that she loves Luke even though he's a killer. As a last resort, she accuses Benson of turning her son against her. Barba thinks Luke will be okay but Benson is not sure. She declines Barba's offer of a drink to spend time with Noah. 

Law & Order: SVU
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