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At a restaurant, Benson enthuses about the food. Tucker can't believe he didn't know it was here. He tells Benson that he wants to retire. He'd like her to join him at the next stage of his life. Benson deflects when he asks her if she is ready to do that He asks her what the future holds for them.

Meanwhile, at a team meeting at some company there's some sort of debate about some type of acquirement. A young woman doesn't like the idea and wants to embrace who the company is.

Later on the woman goes on a date with the same guys and looks nervously at some other guy. She asks for more alcohol. Then she is walking alone (of course) and looking nervously around her and acting quite PTSD. She hurries to get into a locked gate and continues on her journey.  As she is opening her door a guy grabs her from behind and covers her mouth.

Fin catches Benson up. The woman reports she was raped at knifepoint by her assailant.

Benson and Fin interview the victim, Quinn. Victim says the perp wore a black mask, medium height and build. She thinks she knows who he was -- a man named Ray Wilson who has been stalking her since college.

Benson questions Quinn further. Quinn met Wilson at Rutgers. They went on one date, she wasn't interested but then she couldn't get him to leave her alone. She got a restraining order but it made no difference. She found him in her closet one day after class. She threw coffee at him and called 911. He was imprisoned but came back last year. He sent her a letter of apology so she called the same cop who helped her before.

No forensic evidence, rape kit doesn't help because the perp used a condom. Benson wants to learn more about Wilson before talking to him.

Benson and Carisi meet with Cole, the cop who worked the original case. He says Quinn called him and thinks Wilson did this. She is close with him and his wife. Cole paid Wilson a visit. He thinks Wilson is obsessed with Quinn and warned him his parole means he can't contact her. Wilson works at some French restaurant near where Quinn works.

Benson asks Cole how he likes retirement and he wishes he did it years ago. Benson tells Carisi she's thinking about the next chapter but won't say more.

Rollins and Fin talk to Wilson. He is defensive and uncooperative until Rollins threatens to take him downtown. He claims he was at a church group and won't talk more til he hears what happened. After hearing Quinn was assaulted he claims he was in church til 10:30.

A pastor or something quotes Scripture to Rollins, and no one will answer how long the meeting lasted. They think Ray is innocent.

Benson thinks Wilson is guilty based on Occam's razor. Carisi thinks Wilson changed in jail, but Benson doesn't think that's likely, Carisi thinks jail changes people like cops do.

Rollins has video proving Wilson was at the church during the assault.

Quinn is told and wonders who it was if it wasn't Ray. She is upset. Carisi asks her if anyone was watching her at the bar she was at. She says she saw a guy staring at her and thought it was Ray but it wasn't. She admits she has been paranoid since the stalking. She admits Wilson hasn't been stalking her for years. She's been paranoid since his release and felt like someone was watching her. A guy she was dating saw someone watching and she thought it was Ray.

The bartender saw Quinn the night of the assault. He claims he had to kick out her work buddy for smashing a beer bottle.

The guy is questioned and says he and Quinn are good friends. He can't believe he's being asked for an alibi.

The ex-boyfriend says he confronted the person staring at her and after an altercation hit the guy. He hopes he won't be arrested for hitting her. He ID's the work buddy.

The work buddy claims he wasn't stalking, he was just trying to find out if she was dating someone before he invited her somewhere for the weekend. They kissed once and she rejected him when he asked her out. He couldn't stop thinking about her. He doesn't want her to know. He called her to apologize the night of the attack, claims he called from in front of a deli he was from.

DNA on the cigarette butt shows Ray Wilson even though he has an airtight alibi. It had to be there the night of the assault. Someone was following Wilson so they could frame him.

Wilson is questioned. He says he noticed a black Cadillac double parked while he was taking a smoke break. He didn't notice the plate. He got fired after being questioned the first time.

Surveillance tape shows a guy stealing Wilson's cigarette butt. Car is registered to Linda Cole. Is Cole the perp? Benson sends Rollins and Fin to talk to Cole and advises them to be careful.

Rollins and Fin talk to Cole and say Barba is making them question everyone who interacted with Wilson and rule them out. Cole claims he was down building a wine cellar in his basement. He claims to have spoken to Wilson outside his apartment. Rollins is aware Cole is lying.

Benson and Carisi interview Linda and claim Quinn was confused and said that she was with them when she wasn't. Linda says she and Tom had a romantic dinner. She asks if Tom is a suspect. Benson confirms he is. Linda is upset. Benson encourages her to tell them what she knows. Linda says Tom was angry and distracted and he left and didn't return til morning. He told her to say he was home all night. Benson tells her to go stay with someone else for a while. Benson tells Rollins to call Barba and then track down Quinn.

A hotel worker says she saw Quinn leave with a man. Rollins tries to get ahold of Quinn.

Benson and Carisi show up at home and tell Linda they can't find Quinn. Linda can't believe Tom would do this. There is an old farmhouse in Harding that Tom has been renovating. Benson wants the address.

Benson gives Rollins an update. Rollins sees an EZ Pass photo. Cole has Quinn. Rollins calls in a kidnapping.

Carisi and Benson arrive at the farmhouse. Benson warns Carisi to be careful.

They walk around, guns drawn, and find the Cadillac. They see a gun and duck down. They hear a girl scream. Carisi calls for backup (smart move for one). Benson calls Cole to try to start negotiations. Cole says Quinn is safe. He recognizes her techniques. Carisi says he's gonna try to make eye contact. Benson tells him again to be careful.

Cole holds Quinn at gunpoint and rants about how he thought Quinn cared about him. She rejected him. He calls her a beautiful whore. MEanwhile Carisi sneaks into the house... Benson uses her feelings about possibly retiring to try to connect with Cole. But Cole sees Carisi...

Tom says his wife and daughter don't love him and holds the gun to his head. He cries as he holds it to Quinn's. He drops the phone. MEanwhile Carisi is in the house, backing up the steps...

Benson comes the other way (God this is tense!)

Carisi finds Quinnb ut COle find shim and holds the gun to his forehead and orders him to drop his gun.

Carisi obeys and tells him he's a cop like him and it doesn't have to end like this.  In a nice trickout, blood splatters onto Carisi's face as Benson shoots Cole! Quinn sobs while Benson hugs her and tells her she's safe now.

Fin asks Benson how she's doing. Rollins tells her a union rep is at the station waiting to talk to her. First she comforts Quinn and tells her it's not her fault, then tries to tell Carisi that being a cop did NOT make Cole do this. Benson tells Carisi she does not want to retire now.



Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7 Quotes

Benson: You're gonna retire? To do what?
Tucker: To do nothing. To smell the damn flowers. Hopefully with someone like you.

Tucker: I live three blocks from this palce. I never knew this place existed.
Benson: It takes time to explore.
Tucker: Exactly.
Benson: Something wrong?
Tucker: No. Just the opposite. Everything's just right.