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While a sermon is going on, a girl breaks out of a boarded hole. She runs to the bathroom and throws her jacket out the window, then goes out herself.

The girl runs down the street, ignoring weird looks other girls give her. She finds the LIRR (!!) and gets on.

Later, she is locked in the bathroom and ignores the conductor's knocking on the door. When the conductor breaks the door open, she finds the girl whimpering and grunting.

SVU is called. Rollins and Fin see there is a bruise on the girl's head. She tries to hit Rollins when Rollins reaches for her hand.

Later, Rollins gets her to tell her her first name, Esther, in exchange for some candy. She gives a bunch of Bible verses when asked what her last name is.

Rollins gets Esther to let her take her to the hospital, but Esther won't say a word about who her family is. The doctor at the hospital says Esther is malnourished, only about 90 pounds, and has been sexually abused.

Fin tells Benson that Esther trusts no one and Rollins has rapport with her. Benson agrees and Rollins is sent in to talk to her. Esther admits she is scared to go home but goes back to Bible verses when Rollins questions her about why.

Rollins tells Benson someone is using the Bible to control Esther. DNA comes back on the rapist and it's a relative but not the father.

SVU discusses the cases. They have no way of IDing Esther, but they know she got on the Port Washington train so they start there. The LIRR gives them some security footage and they see Esther and two guys all have the same coats.

The team goes to a sportings goods store and finds out a guy named David Johnson bought three jackets like that.

Amanda wants to question Esther again, but her father shows up.. He says Esther is 27 and that the local police told them they had to wait 24 hours to file a missing persons report. Esther apologizes to him over and over. He wants to take her home. Benson says they have a lot of questions. He says if they don't let them go there will be legal consequences. He also tells the cops that Esther slept with her brother.

Fin finds out that incest is not illegal in New Jersey and Esther is over 18. Rollins wants to hold onto her. Benson says they have no legal basis to do so. Rollins is upset and storms out.

Later, Rollins apologizes to Benson and says she wants to take a mental health day. Benson realizes she wants to investigate on her own and says she can if she keeps her in the loop and is discreet.

Rollins finds out that the New Jersey address has been abandoned. A neighbor tells her that the family moved to Douglaston.

Rollins spies on the Labotts while they go bowling. Esther sees her and stares at her. (Not good!)

Fin says they look like a reality show. Carisi doesn't see anything weird. Rollins says they only got 5 hot dogs and gave each kid half a hot dog.

Rollins sneaks around the Labotts property and sees a girl chained up in a room. She breaks in and tries to help the girl. Esther tells her to leave. Mr. Labott takes out a shotgun and tells Rollins to leave. He slams the door after her and locks it.

Apparently it's a hostage situation. Rollins and Benson are outside the house along with a bunch of cops who don't like Rollins bothering people who are in their jurisdiction. Labott is not talking to anyone. He ignores Benson. Rollins decides to try. Labott brings Esther outside but when Rollins asks if she can leave he rants about the world being evil and says Esther knows to isolate herself with him. He says he speaks for her and goes back in.

ESU insists on going on top of the house even though Rollins and Benson argue against escalating this. Labott immediately begins shooting at the cops.

There is a shootout and then Labott surrenders. While he is being arrested, Benson and Rollins go in the house. Half the kids are dead, including Esther.

Rollins walks away upset. Labott tells the cops they killed his kids as he is taken away.

In interrogation, Labott goes on and on about how he was a good father who was protecting his kids from the evil world and the mother says that technology was evil and corrupted people. The mother reveals she is pregnant.

Benson tells Rollins that ballistics show that Rollins fired the bullet that killed Esther. She sobs.

Rollins goes to church and prays.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 19 Quotes

Amanda: Who told you you would be punished if you rode the train?
Esther: Fathers do not provoke your children to anger, but discipline them in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Rollins: How long has it been since you've eaten?
[Girl jumps at candy]
Rollins: Uh uh uh. Not so fast. How about we make an exchange? Some candy if you give me your name.
Girl: It's Esther.