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A woman gets pulled over. She seems nervous. Two cops accuse her of drinking and grab her out of the car. They try to rape her. She grabs a cop's gun and orders them down on the ground.

This appears to be part of a music video. Afterwards her daughter appears in a rush to go eat. She sends her daughter with someone else.

Later the daughter comes home w/bodyguard. Something is wrong. He finds the woman on the floor. She's taken to the hospital and Benson laments having to deal w/a celebrity case. Woman might have been raped and all signs point to her husband, Snake, who was known to be violent towards her. Snake is doing a show at the Apollo Theatre right now though. Cops come and shut down the show, disappointing a ton of fans.

Turns out Fin knows Snake from childhood. Snake is shocked that Fin suspects him. He says there were false reports of him having an affair. He has a bruise that he says was the result of a fight with a photographer who got too close to his daughter.

Carisi is concerned about Fin's relationship with Snake. Fin says he hasn't seen him since he was 16. They talk to the photographer who is obnoxious and says Snake has a temper and might not have been on stage at the time of the attack.

Snake apparently goes to some underground club where he can break things and beat up things. He very clearly has an awful temper. Carisi thinks this is proof of guilt in Dallas' case. They head to the hospital and arrest Snake, who shouts it's not how it seems.

In the interrogation room, Snake feels offended that Fin thinks he's guilty. They get in a fight and Benson removes Fin from the situation. Snake's mom shows up and is upset that she took Fin in for 6 months after his mom died and now he arrested her son. He says if she really wants to do something she has to tell him what's going on between Snake and Dallas. She says Dallas gets between her and Snake, but Snake would never hit Dallas. She begs Fin to fix it. Stone says this means Fin should be off the case. Benson says she'll take care of that

Benson talks to Fin. He says that his mom was killed by a drug dealer and Jo took him in til his grandparents came for him from Fayetteville. Benson says that doesn't mean you can cover for Snake. SHe gets a call that Dallas is awake.

Dallas says Snake never hurt her. Someone else did it and she can prove it. She says she Face Timed with her mom after Snake left. Justin was already at the Apollo at that point so obviously he didn't hurt her.

Benson asks what she remembers. Dallas says she went to bed and heard something downstairs. She thought it was Lexie and Wallace but it was an intruder. He came into her room. He was wearing a mask and gloves. She ran to get her gun. He hit her over and over. Benson asks if she was raped. Dallas cries yes. She says Justin and another rapper are in a Twitter war and some fans take it seriously.

Benson tells Fin Snake's alibi checks out and to let him go. Fin is upset when Snake doesn't want anything to do with him and leaves without him.

Rollins discovers that Dallas put a video of Lexie dancing on Instagram and you can see Snake setting the alarm. The other rapper liked the video.

RB Banks (Snoop Dogg) is not very friendly but claims he has an alibi.

Rape kit came back negative. Meanwhile the New York Ledger runs a story on the front page about the "diss war". 

Fin tells Benson that Snake took off when he saw the headline. Benson asks how he is doing. Fin says he's angry and embarrassed. Anyway, there's Banks. The cops make Banks drop the gun. Snake is in a car on the road and is also arrested. Banks shouts what sounds like a confession as he is arrested.

RB Banks denies having confessed once he gets in the interrogation room.  He insists he didn't touvh her. BEnson starts to go and he says he was busy cheating on his girlfriend at the time. 

Banks' alibi checks out. Snake doesn't want to hear anything from Fin. Lexie says Dallas made Snake kick Jo out.

Jo tells Fin that she needed money to fix her tenement and Justin paid for it but then Dallas found out and put a stop to it. 

Rollins gets the financials. The contractor Jo paid has a fake name. Rollins doesn't want Fin coming with her but he comes anyway.

The person that got the money turns out to be a girl who says Snake had sex with her and Jo paid her off to stay quiet. Snake tells Fin it only happened once. Snake also says his manager died in 2006. So he couldn't have hooked up Snake and Vicki last year.

Meanwhile Dallas' gun is illegal and matches an unsolved murder, a teen named Malik Harper.

Fin talks to the detective on the case. He says he retired and doesn't remember the case anymore. Fin keeps pushing. He says he remembered Malik had a pregnant girlfriend who threw a plate of ribs when she learned Malik was dead.

Rollins finds a bike in Dallas' social media posts suggesting a stalker. Carisi recognizes the bike as belonging to the kid from the crime scene. His name is Andreas Harper.

Andreas claims not to know anything. He can't be sure if the bike in the photos is his. Benson says she called all the food delivery services, Andreas didn't work for any of them. Andreas says he's a fan and hung around to see if Snake would talk to him. Benson says she understands about wanting to see a rock star, but why did he stalk Dallas. If he was a real fan he would have been at Snake's show. Benson says she's seen a lot of stalkers in her career. So what happened?

Adreas wants a lawyer. Benson says sure, but don't forget to show them the bicycle lock I was about to take to the lab.

Fin talks to Vicki and says Andreas is her kid. He knows Andreas is Malik's son. Vicki says no one knows who killed Malik. Vicki won't help him put her son in jail.

Fin goes to see Andreas and claims everything they say will be confidential. He saw his mom get killed too. He lay awake thinking about revenge. Andreas says Dallas should have died to make Snake hurt. 

Fin goes to see Snake and asks if he should have turned on the guy who killed his  mom. Snake says then Fin would have been killed. Fin says he found the guy dead and didn't try to find out who did it. He gets Snake to talk about Malik. Snake says it was self-defense. You know how it is, it's where we're from.  Fin says everything you do will come back to bite you.

Fin leaves and tells some kids who ask if Snake lives here that Snake lives uptown and mumbles to himself that Snake always will.





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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 22 Quotes

Carisi: You two know each other?
Fin: We grew up together. Our moms were best friends.

I hate celebrity cases.