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Two kds run out of a synagogue. A woman says she's calling the cops and they knock her over.

Benson curses at the TV when she learns that Rob Miller has been released on bail. Noah thinks she's mad at him. She says she's not but is distracted as Noah tries to spell "believe".

THe woman reports to the cops that the kids had MAGA hats and called her a kike. 

The cops search the synagogue and find a woman unconscious. She is CouncilWoman Nasar who is known as an anti-Semite and tells SVU she was set up by Jews.

Dodds and Benson face the press. Dodds hopes Nszar won't talk to them.

Nazar's chief of staff says that Nazar is not anti-Semetic and has been called that because she is critical of Israel.

Benson questions Nazar. She said she was alone in the sanctuary. It felt like a place of reverence until she was hit on the back of the head. Someone pinned her down and tore off her hijab and pulled up her skirt and forced himself inside her. She didn't see his face and he didn't say anything. 

The cops talk to a guy who says that he wanted Nazar to learn about the Holocaust so she would understand why her comments were hurtful. He says he saw two boys in the restroom. He also thinks Nazar brought this on herself with her hateful words and that this is how the Holocaust started.

Carisi and Fin argue over whether Nazar had a right to express her views without getting beaten up while knocking on one of the boy's doors. The boy is wearing a red hat. He says he didn't touch that woman. Fin says he has to come with them.

It turns out the boys were not wearing MAGA hats, they were wearing school hats, and they said Mike not kike.

Ari starts ranting about Nazar being an anti-Semite and how he didn't do anything to her but she probably set him up because he's Jewish. He insists it wasn't him. 

Michael also says he didn't do anything. His mother wants to know if that "Muslim woman" accused her son and says that women who wear headscarves are believers in sharia law.

Fin sees racism all over this case. Nazar's chief of staff thinks the cops are afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism. Nazar recognizes Ari and Michael. They were protesting outside her office and spit on her hijab.

There is a video and fake news that the boys were arrested.

Nazar gives an interview where she says she was at the synagogue to try to resolve the problem but she was attacked.

Carisi finds that Nazar called the media about the original protest before anything went down. He thinks everything including the rape is a hoax.

Benson asks Nazar about the call. She says she didn't arrange for the students to harass her outside her office. She says everyone is worried about the Jews. She also says aides and interns have access to her phones. She refuses to give them her phone records after Stone says her rape kit was inconclusive. 

Stone wants to get a subpoena but Benson thinks it's a bad idea.

Stone manages to get the whole tape from a judge.It shows Nazar taunted the kids.

Meanwhile, Benson has got a subpoena from Rob Miller's attorney. Dodds tells her to let him worry about that. He asks her if she read the memo.

Rollins interrupts. Azar called someone a lot of times the day before. The number has been traced to a sex club.

Fin and Carisi go in. Owner is not there. The cops threaten to sit there. Azar is there, no hijab. She looks scared when she sees the cops.

Nasar says don't out me, everything changed when I met Tracey.

Fin says her sexual orientation isn't her business.

Nasar's parents think she is devout and say she became devout after meeting her ex-hiusband. They divorced because he wanted a large family and she didn't. They aren't happy the cops want to talk to the ex-husband. They go anyway. He says they grew apart and weren't on the same page romantically. He says he loved her but it was best to let her move on. Carisi asks where he was. He was here til 8 and then walked home.

Outside, Carisi says this guy is a liar, he was at the protest. He saw him in the video. He left his phone in the flower shop.

Aida says that Masoud has been here three times. She didn't tell Nasar so she wouldn't upset her. She saw him one day last week. Benson asks Aida to leave the room. She hesitates then goes. Benson wonders if Masoud followed her to the bar. Nasar says a man spat on the floor and left the bar a month ago

The cops arrest Masoud. He says Nasar accused him because she hates men.

Nasar says everyone despises her. She doesn't know if this is worth it. Benson says she deserves justice. She encourages her and walks her through the protesters.

Nasar testifies. She says she knows it was her ex-husband. She says he assaulted her because she is a lesbian. The way he grabbed her is the same way Masoud used to grab her when they had sex. The defense attorney brings up the hoax with the boys. She goes too far saying this is a publicity stunt and is told by the judge to stop. Nasar says she could lose everything but she isn't afraid anhymore.

Masoud claims he was checking on Nasar's safety all the time. He claims white people think all Muslims look alike. Stone asks him about spitting on the ground. He claims "she was my wife". Stone brings up Sharia law not accepting divorce.  Masoud says he should have killed her but she is his wife so he only raped her.

Defense attorney says all assumptions were dead wrong so if you're tempted to assume Masoud was following a medeival code shame on you.

Masoud is found guilty of rape. Nasar's parents are stone faced.

Nasar thanks Benson and Stone. She tells Benson she wonders if she will find the strength to come back from this. Her parents come out. Her mother says she is still proud of her and hasn't lost her family's love. Her father hugs her. But some Muslim guy throws a rock at her head.

Benson goes to a diner with Noah and he wants spaghetti. Noah sees Rob Miller watching them. Miller comes up to them and says nice to see you. He tells Noah he is a friend of Benson's.




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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 23 Quotes

Benson: You told my detectives you were set up. Why were you in the synagogue?
Nazar: I was lured there. By a man pretending to want peace. I was attacked by a Zionist.

I knew those two were up to no good. They had red hats, you know. MAGA. And they called me a kike.