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Rollins is at home with her daughter when she gets a knock on the door. It's Al, the guy who cheated on her with a waitress. He has flowers. Rollins isn't interested but lets him in and he bonds with Jessie.

Meanwhile, some guy tells a taxi driver to drop a little girl off at the hospital entrance and take off. The little girl has been sexually abused and SVU is called in. They find out that "Uncle Luke" (not her real uncle) pimps her out to his friends. The little girl thinks Uncle Luke is good to her and doesn't want him arrested. They get a license plate and interview the taxi driver, who is afraid of cops because he's not here legally.

SVU investigates, and Fin is overprotective of Rollins because she's pregnant, which annoys her. They canvas an apartment building and find the guy who dropped the girl off. He is arrested and doesn't want to tell them anything but when he is threatened with them telling his wife and kids what he's been arrested for, he gives Luke up.

The cops set up a sting with Fin posing as a john who wants to buy time with one of Luke's girls. Carisi asks Benson if Rollins is pregnant. She tries not to tell him. The sting operation interrupts this conversation.

Luke is arrested and a bunch of girls rescued. A little Hispanic girl is scared of the cops and cries in Spanish. Benson comforts her in Spanish and she says in English "please don't take me."

Many of the girls are abused or runaways and they are all reunited with caretakers. The little girl turns out to be Gabriela Sosa, reported missing by her foster parents in New Jersey. 

Carisi and Rollins investigate. Carisi asks Rollins why she didn't tell him she was pregnant. She didn't know what to say and hasn't decided what to do yet. The foster parents tell them Gabriela was scared of them and ran away because she wanted to see her mother. She was taken from her mother's arms at the border.

Benson says Gabriela cannot go back to that foster home as she will run away again. Rollins doesn't want her to go to a detention camp and wants to adopt her herself. Benson says she cannot. Rollins says Benson did with Noah. Benson says that is a different circumstance. They are interrupted by a federal agent who wants to take Gabriela to a detention center. Gabriela freaks out and says he's the same cop who took her from her mother. Benson decides to arrest the federal agent for kidnapping in a random act of protest against this policy.

Benson holds a press conference and says this policy led to Gabriela being taken by a sex trafficker. After, she meets with Stone, who says that this is not going to fly. Benson says if he won't fight, she'll find someone who will. A federal attorney shows up with a writ of habeas corpus. Benson introduces Stone to Gabriela and he decides to take the case.

Meanwhile, Rollins has dinner with Al and tells him she's pregnant. He says he will go to an abortion clinic with her and pay for it.

In court, Stone and the other attorney argue over laws vs policy. Benson can't stand it and jumps up to say that a child was ripped from her mother's arms. The judge makes her stop and later rules that federal law supersedes state law and that the federal agent must be released.

Rollins has pizza with Gabriela, who realizes Rollins is pregnant and asks to feel the baby. Gabriela says she wants a little brother.

The federal agent returns to take Gabriela. Gabriela freaks out and doesn't want to go. Benson tells her to have courage and she will be reunited with her mother eventually. Gabriela asks them not to forget her. She is sobbing as she is taken away.

Benson says they have lost the battle but might win the war.

Stone goes to see Jeffries, his old boss in Chicago. Jeffries isn't sure what he can do but he will try.

Rollins goes to Al's hospital and tells him she is keeping the baby and doesn't need anything from him.

Jeffries, Benson, and Gabriela's mother go to see Gabriela. Some soldier insists they are not authorized. Jeffries pulls rank. The soldier lets them in.

Gabriela is in a holding cell with a lot of other children. She is let out and reunited with her mother. The other children look sad. So does Benson as she walks away.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 3 Quotes

At least she's here, even if she was tossed like a piece of trash.


Rollins: What's with the apology flowers?
Al: You never answered me about the Van Gogh exhibit, so I figured I'd take Van Gogh to you.